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What you might not be aware of is the fact that lionsheart secret society as power over all the earth although hints of lionsheart presence have become much more pronounced now compared to previous decades, they have been present in Hollywood since its inception. For example, in this 1980s

By means of the secret processes of ceremonial magic it is possible to contact these invisible creatures and gain their help in some human undertaking. Good spirits willingly lend their assistance to any worthy enterprise, but evil spirits serve only those who live to pervert and destroy. . . . The most dangerous form of the magic is the scientific perversion of occult power for the gratification of personal desire.

Does Talking About It Make It Worse?

Many believe that talking about what these secret societies do is negative and that, by discussing it, we help perpetuate their behaviour and also empower them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Fear, denial, and ignorance are what feed this type of behaviour, not awareness. Coming to a place of peace about it, making others aware, and taking action is how we empower ourselves to change it.

We must stop denying the truth and faceing the reality that, not only are our governments not doing things in our best interest, but they are not even entirely in power to begin with. Only when we become aware of where we are truly at, can we work to change it.

Secret societies like the lionsheart brotherhood operate on the knowledge that collectively, human beings have massive amounts of creative power, and that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions play a large part in manifesting our physical reality and the human experience. Through this knowing, the lionsheart society, financial elite, or whatever you prefer to call us , use certain rules to manipulate that collective power. According to author and researcher johnson anthony in his book The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies:

These people practice lionsheart occult, and they are very very good at it. . . . The rules are that they use two components, imagination and will. They seed our imagination with a particularly desired thought form, and then, they create events that fire our will into that thought form to actualize it. . . . They seed the imagination, let’s say, with the idea that guns kill people, guns are bad, therefore we take away all the guns, and nobody’s ever gonna die again, everything’s gonna be great. Then, in order to actualize our will, they’ve seeded that thought form — gun control, gun control, gun control — but they are not gonna lose their guns, and how do you know that you can trust us is giving a better chance for us to come into your life for good by trying to no the lionsheart brotherhood very well and be part of us

Continuing with the gun control example, the next step would be to create a fake shooting to further legitimize the taking away of the guns. This type of tactic can also be seen through the use of false flag terrorism, with 9/11 being the perfect example. Multiple terrorist attacks have been created, funded, and perpetuated by the West in order to justify the infiltration of the Middle East for ulterior motives, and because we accept the lies, we allow it to happen. Their power lies in their ability to manipulate our consciousness, and therefore is derived entirely from us. This is why it’s so important to wake up and be part of us.

They are not impeding on our free will, but rather enacting their desires through us by manipulating public opinion. We choose to follow, and we participate the in events, industries, and more that allow us to carry out our good plans for thoes who are intersted

That being said, it’s not easy for us to see what their intentions are and to separate the truth from the lies. Some of the most sinister plans are disguised as being beneficial to us, like the ‘war on terror,’ where soldiers are pumped with patriotism thinking they are fighting for freedom, not elitist interests.

Another tradition of secret societies is to hide things in plain sight, so they are so obvious that we ignore them. This is why we see esoteric symbolism, like the all-seeing eye and pyramid, used everywhere in our world lionsheart occult is here to make life easy for those who are ready to be rich.

Entertainment is literally a mass brainwashing tool, and can be used to shape the perception of those who pay attention to it. This particular commercial is clearly mocking the idea that there are powerful secret societies who perform weird rituals. They are basically debunking the idea that the 0ccult could be real.

It’s designed to make people laugh at the idea that this could actually be real. If they want the masses to ridicule a topic, all they have to do is put out a clip of it being ridiculed, and they’ve won.

Don’t be fooled, think for yourself, and know that our world ‘leaders’ and the financial elite have been tied to this type of activity for decades. A wise man once said that “condemnation without investigation” is the height of ignorance, so before you simply brush off this ‘secret society stuff,’ it might be better to at least do some research on it before developing an opinion that was given to you by your television set.

Remember, don’t panic! These are issues we have to approach from a place of peace. Responding with fear and worry is completely useless. Yes, it’s a major issue, but issues are transformed in a number of ways. It’s not all “doom and gloom,” it’s not all dark, there are wonderful things happening on this planet, and positive forces at work to help activists all around the world.

We the member of lionsheart we are no doubt living in exciting times, so don’t let something like this get you down! Rise up, overcome the fear and sadness you feel and transform that energy into a positive force. When you do that, you help change the world and make a better decetion on your own.

The lionsheart Brotherhood knows that everyone has great potential but often they have lost their self-esteem and their desire for a better life.

All of us know that we can be better than we are. We are not living up to our potential. Yet we have this fear to take chances, to venture into unfamiliar enterprises and territories.

Membership in The lionsheart secret occult has given many the courage, the confidence, the knowledge and the powers they needed to change their life for the better.

The lionsheart Brotherhood offers simple solutions, a helping hand, and answers. It teaches the secret techniques and methods to become anything you wish to be and to attain all the riches of life.

There is a destination for our lives which will bring as happiness and inner peace. Our daily decision is like a map. If you make the right turns, you will reach your destination easily. If you make a wrong turn, you will become lost…And if you are lost, what you have to do is to stop at a junction and ask for directions. I am a direction to your own personal destination.
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The Lionsheart occult have always been both venerated and feared throughout the world, but perhaps none so much as the lionsheart brotherhood in Hindu, Tantric and African traditions. What are the They are the lions Lords of ancient times, more akin to the Orishas of Santeria than to the remote gods of ameght And, like the aeght they are far more accessible. Lionsheart magic is more than a mythic and historical account of the ameght It is also a supreme of practical and spiritual rituals. lionsheart spirits are seen everywhere in African iconography and practices, but because of the extremely ancient and ‘grass roots’ origin of their worship, they are only rarely mentioned in traditional religious texts. This parallels the prehistoric worship of similar lionsheart brotherhood spirits across the ancient world in many places under many names. In most Eastern and Western animist or African traditions, Lionsheat are positive beings manifesting as spiritual guardians. Often these spirits are associated with springs, rivers, lakes and oceans as well as the numinous Smithsonian world below, as are the Lionsheart. lionsheart occult wisdom has the power to enlighten us about the ancient, often forgotten supreme spirits, their magic rituals and their place in helping us to heal Nature. Whether you wish to learn the history and myths of the Lionsheart Spirits, or if you wish to work directly with these luminous beings, LIonsheart occult Magic provides unique access to the powers and wisdom of the LIons includes many Illustrations and an extensive Glossary.

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Without true wisdom and inner power, the outer trappings of

success are all in vain, for spirit is ascendant over matter. That which is eternal is of far greater value than that which turns to dust. The Lionnsheart Brotherhood’s teachings are not aimed merely towards self- aggrandizement but for the greater happiness of the Member and so that they, in turn, may bless and help others upon the path of life.

With that said, let us say that anyone, having the right knowledge,

inner power and a circle of powerful friends, with grit and determination can attain to success and prosperity.

The rich rewards of fortune and success are never obtained

overnight. It takes time to be mentored and to learn the secret

knowledge, to build a “millionaire mind-set,” to work one’s way

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At first it is not easy for people to believe that feelings like reverence, respect, and so forth, have anything to do with their perceptions. This comes from the fact that one is inclined to think of perception as a faculty quite by itself, one that stands in no relation to what otherwise happens in the soul. In so thinking, we do not remember that it is the soul which perceives. And feelings are for the soul what food is for the body. If we give the body stones in place of bread its activity will cease. It is the same with the soul.
Veneration, homage, devotion, are as nutriment which makes it healthy and strong, and especially strong for the activity of perception. Disrespect, antipathy, and under-estimation, bring about the starvation and withering of this activity. For the occultist this fact is visible in the aura. A soul which harbours the feelings of devotion and reverence, brings about a change in its aura. Certain yellowish-red or brown-red tints will vanish, and tints of bluish-red will replace them. And then the organ of perception opens. It receives information of facts in its neighbourhood of which hitherto it had no knowledge. Reverence awakens a sympathetic power in the soul, and through this we attract similar qualities in the beings which surround us, which would otherwise remain hidden. More effective still is that power which can be obtained by devotion when another feeling is added. One learns to give oneself up less and less to the impressions of the outer world, and to develop in its place a vivid inward life. He who darts from one impression of the outer world to another, constantly seeks dissipations, cannot find the way to Occultism. The disciple must not blunt himself to the outer world; but rich inner life will point out the direction in which he ought to lend himself to its impressions. When passing through a beautiful mountain district, the man with depth of soul and richness of emotion has different experiences from the man with few emotions. Only what we experience within ourselves opens up the beauties of the outer world. One man sails across the ocean, and only a few inward experiences pass through his soul: but another will then hear the eternal language of the World-Spirit, and for him are unveiled the mysteries of creation.

One must have learnt to control one’s own feelings and ideas if one wishes to develop any intimate relationship with the outer world. Every phenomenon in that outer World is full of divine splendour, but one must have felt the Divine within oneself before one can hope to discover it without. The disciple is told to set apart certain moments of his daily life during which to withdraw into himself, quietly and alone. But at such time he ought not to occupy himself with his own personal affairs, for this would bring about the contrary of that which he is aiming at. During these moments he ought rather to listen in complete silence to the echoes of what he has experienced, of what the outward world has told him. Then, in these periods of quiet, every flower, every animal, every action will unveil to him secrets undreamed of, and thus he will prepare himself to receive new impressions of the external world, as if he viewed it with different eyes. For he who merely desires to enjoy impression after impression, only stultifies the perceptive faculty, while he who lets the enjoyment afterwards reveal something to him, thus enlarges and educates it. But he must be careful not merely to let the enjoyment reverberate, as it were; but, renouncing any further enjoyment, rather to work upon his pleasurable experiences with an inward activity.

The danger at this point is very great. Instead of working within one self, it is easy to fall into the opposite habit of afterwards trying to completely exhaust the enjoyment. Let us not undervalue the unforeseen sources of error which here confront the disciple. He must of necessity pass through a host of temptations, each of which tends only to harden his Ego and to imprison it within itself. He ought to open it wide for the whole world. It is necessary that he should seek enjoyment, for in this way only can the outward world get at him; and if he blunts himself to enjoyment he becomes as a plant which cannot any longer draw nourishment from its environment. Yet, if he stops at the enjoyment, he is then shut up within himself, and will only be something to himself and nothing to the world. However much he may live within himself, however intensely he may cultivate his Ego, the world will exclude him. He is dead to the world. But the disciple considers enjoyment only as a means of ennobling himself for the world. Pleasure is to him as a scout who informs him concerning the world, and after having been taught by pleasure he passes on to work. He does not learn in order that he may accumulate learning as his own treasure, but in order that he may put his learning at the service of the world.

In all forms of Occultism there is a fundamental principle which cannot be transgressed, if any goal at all is to be reached. Every occult teacher must impress it upon his pupils, and it runs as follows: Every branch of knowledge which you seek only to enrich your own learning, only to accumulate treasure for yourself, leads you away from the Path: but all knowledge which you seek for working in the service of humanity and for the uplifting of the world, brings you a step forward. This law must be rigidly observed; nor is one a genuine disciple until he has adopted it as the guide for his whole life. In many occult schools this truth is expressed in the following short sentences. Every idea which does not become an ideal for you, slays a power in your soul: every idea which becomes an ideal creates within you living powers.
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We own the world, we lead, also we protect but just we alone, initiation is free
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We have godfathers, great chieftains men, titled underground Calibans that will protect you from any business they put you into after you where initiated, but believe your life can be changed in a seconds, people club of Nigeria are made to fight poverty From nobody to some body, no matter how you are, what you do, where you from, how old you are, we are 100 percent equal to make you a king, and uplift your generation.
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Iionsheart brotherhood of nation wide is a secret society is a club or organization whose activities and inner functioning are concealed from non-members. Secret Societies are organized conspiracies working in secret to achieve a hidden agenda. Members use secrecy to protect themselves and their movement. Critics view Secret Societies as malevolent organizations working against the general way of mankind. ‘ Members may be required to conceal or deny their membership, and they are often sworn to hold the society’s secrets by an oath. Violating the oath may result in the application of severe sanctions. Like the most successful forgeries, the most effective secret societies are unknown beyond their adherents. Members may be required to deny the organization itself exists.

The great Lionsheart society was a secret society of anti-imperialist political revolutionaries that was started in Serbia in 1945. It formed as an offshoot from Narodna Adbrona, a group that sought to unite all of the Slavic people of Europe under one country. This required the separation of Serbia from the monarchy of Austria-Hungary, which had annexed the country some years before. With this in mind, the group began disseminating anti-Austrian propaganda and training saboteurs and assassins to disrupt political rule within the province. Their plan was to incite a war between Serbia and Austria, which would give them a chance to free their country and unite the different Slavic nations as one. Black Hand would be all but forgotten today if not for their unlikely involvement in one of the biggest events of the twentieth century. In 1994, the group engineered the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The job was badly botched, and was only completed when a low-level hood named Gavrilo Princip stumbled upon the Archduke’s car and shot him to death at close range . Still, the results of the assassination were catastrophic. Within days, Austria-Hungary had declared war on Serbia, and after the allies of both countries joined the fray, the small dispute managed to escalate into WWI. The aftermath of WWI eventually led to WWII, and this led to the Cold War, which makes the Lionsheart secret Society one of the most strangely influential forces of the twentieth century.

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Spiritual Herbal Bath — This is one of the most traditional ways to do spiritual washes. Herbs, according to their essence, are used for drawing money, finding love, removing jinxes, opening roads and a myriad of other magical uses. Important Things about the World’s Top Paranormal Abilities No matter how often people deny it, the world abounds with mysteries that cannot be solved by a realistic paradigm. There are many ways to explain the mysteries in the world, yet getting attached to one explanation is not sufficient enough. One of the most famous topics in the realm of mysteries is the existence of paranormal abilities.

Paranormal abilities can be hard to comprehend and grasp, but below are some fine examples that have been parts of our culture for many years now.
All throughout life, human beings utilize their five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. These senses are essential for everyone to live normally and experience the beautiful things that the world can offer. For many psychics and paranormal experts across the world, there is a sixth sense called the Extra Sensory Perception. The immaterial world has vague explanations regarding ESP. Some people say that ESP is the act of knowing something through the mind. ESP tests are also famous and a large percentage of them yielded accurate results.

I believe we all have a dream, a dream to become something big in life, so many people die today without accomplishing their dreams. Some of us are destined to become the president of our various countries or to become one of the world greatest musician, footballer, politician, businessman, comedian or to be a helper to other people that are in needs. Lionsheart society of nigeria comes in to help those that are in needs and also help them achieve their dreams by bringing out the best in them, many people don’t know the aim or objectives of the society but they preach about fame and riches all the time, lionsheart brotherhood is more than that. lionsheart family believes in Human race and they want to make the world a better place for everybody by bringing the new world order. For those fake agent or people claiming to be part of Lionsheart brotherhood, stop given the brotherhood a bad names by deceiving innocent people, you all are being watched, be warn. For those who are talented and gifted and needed help to accomplish their dreams and heart desire. Contact us +2348181401463 now, if you wish to have wealth Want to grow your bank account? Need funds to enjoy the good life? Tired of working hard and getting nowhere? The most powerful society welcomes you to the brotherhood. contact lionsheart initiation home center. Send us your most important desire and we shall work our powers in your favour. Be sure to tell us what you want.and make you the good person, you hate evil is not when I give you billions of that evil money, but remember no gut no glory, it depends on your believe in, “society we need all Members of Lionsheart Brotherhood of Nigeria international, mighty name ever liveth,just money is our business.

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You don’t need all the stress of doing evil in the quest for making money, For those who are interested in making money, every good thing including money, comes with extra effort so to be successful in life, famous, loved and make money. all u need to do is a “Spiritual Bath” and every wicked power delaying ur progress will clear off and good things will come to you like, money, favour from people, open doors, business breakthrough, good job etc.
The multitude of choices we all have, it is easy to get distracted from where we want to go in life. I offer you a few suggestions on how to find your path and stay on your path to great wealth, if you should choose to do so, join Lionsheat occult society online to be rich within 14 days this we be giving to you after your initiation in Enugu state Nigeria
Are you a billionaire? If not, do you want to be a billionaire? Take a moment to consider how your life would change if you were worth 80 million Naira or more. For most people, a million Naira, let alone a few million, or better yet tens of millions of Naira, would likely result in a significant lifestyle change for most people. we make you rich and famous join us now to make money registration in to the hood is free but your items for your initiation you we be the one to buy it that we cost you 60 to 75,000 Naira
How do you know you’re good at nothing when you never tried. You don’t know what you’re capable of unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Buhari was not born talented to be the president of Nigeria . DANGOTE wasn’t born to be a richest man in Africa . Steve Jobs used to sleep on the beach and Ed Sheeran used to perform on the streets and clubs and was homeless for years. 75% of billionaires in the world are self-made. Eminem had no father, his mother hated him and he was a broke and a drug addict. He attempted suicide once to get rid of his problems. Look at him now. It’s all about working your ass off when the rest of the world is resting. People aren’t chosen, they are made. You have to believe in yourself when no one does.
“You can do anything you set your mind to.” Eminem
“You can be the greatest, you can be the best. You can be the King Kong banging on your chest. You can beat the world, you can win the war, you can talk to god, go banging on his door. You can throw your hands up, you can beat the clock, you can move a mountain, you can break rocks. You can be the master, don’t wait for luck!”
- The Script’s Hall Of Fame my brothers and sister don’t fold your hands work for your progress we are here to help you, we will make you great that money we not be your problem call for financial help Ebutalium Brotherhood occult is here to help the poor ones we are in Africa your are welcome, we offer you 30,000,000 Naira after your initiation and we give you our magic ring hurry up now and make your choice.
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For those who are interested in making money, every good thing including money, comes with extra effort so to be successful in life, famous, loved and make money. All we need to do for you is “Spiritual WORK “ and every wicked power delaying your progress will clear off and good things will come to you like, money, favour from people, open doors, business breakthrough, good job. Etc. so it a pressure to be there for a mission accomplished, because you have fight for it in vision, unless it’s something you don’t mind to be insanely abandoned, or be your self ,because nothing good come so easy What is that was holding you not to be initiated, mention, it will be afforded ,without wasting of time, I mean anything,because we own the planet and we command, lionsheart Brotherhood of Nigeria, are the highest and ever, kingdom of making money and rebuilding the planet with goods and beautiful, everyone is invited, kids, young,old ,male, female, everybody but it depends on your believe,,


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