“I Love You Song” – Sugar In My Tea by Lekana

I Love You Song” – Sugar In My Tea by Lekana

Sugar In My Tea is very catchy song with expression of "I love you" for lovers.

The song  could make a lady blush over a guy

LekanA used the song to affirm a female lover.

The song is Ideal for people in love with one another. Male - female.

Sugar In My Tea talks about a mans admiration for his girl crush.

The chorus of the song is awesome.
(Lekana did a great job on the chorus).

Song “Sugar in my tea” reminds me of 2baba’s Africa queen.

Lyrics of the song:
“You are the sugar in my Tea,
And my baby

Thank you for you giving me your love,
That’s why i’m loving you
Sugar In My Tea can be downloaded
Music regards

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