'I caught my husband having s3x with daughter on our matrimonial bed'


A woman has said she caught her husband in the act about three months ago but he apologised and promised to turn a new leaf.

What to Do When Your Kids Walk in on You Having Sex | ParentMap

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She said she decided to relocate from their residence with her daughter and other children when she caught her husband in the act again.

“I reported the incident to a human rights group in Ikotun (Lagos) and they gave me a letter to report at a police station close to our community and I went to Agbado Police Station. I caught my husband having sex with my daughter about three months ago.

“I warned him to desist from it. It was when he wanted to have sex with her again that I reported him to the human rights group. I planned to relocate the children and wanted him to write an undertaking but they referred me to the police.”

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