'I can’t count number of times my father had s3x with me'

Mercy (pseudonym), a 16-year-old girl, has recounted how her father forcefully had s*x with her for about two years, saying that she has lost count of times he committed the act.

The randy father, Adebayo Aderinoye, was apprehended on Wednesday by policemen from the Agbado division, Ogun State.

Aderinoye, 52, was reportedly arrested following a petition to a human rights group based in Lagos by his wife.

Vanguard learnt that the couple and their five children reside in a one-room apartment in the Matogun area of Ogun State.

Mercy told newsmen that she initially resisted her father’s attempt to have sex with her but he cajoled her into believing that he was teaching her the right thing.

She said, “My father started ‘sleeping’ (having sex) with me when I was 14-year-old. I resisted him but he told me he was teaching me in the right way. He said if he didn’t teach me, the boys outside would teach me. He did it whenever we were the only ones at home.

“I didn’t tell my mum because I thought she would not believe me. He had slept with me many times. I can’t count the number of times he had sex with me. He did it regularly.”

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