A store that sells husband has just opened in New York city where a woman may go 2 choose a husband. How d store operates:  U may visit d store only once!!. There are six stores n the attributes of d men increase as d shopper ascends d flight. There is howeva a catch...Hmm. U may choose any man from a particular store, or u may choose 2 go up a floor, BUT u cant go back down xcept 2 exit d building!!

So, a woman goes 2 d store 2 find a husband. On d 1st floor d sign on the door reads:

Floor 1: these men hav jobs n luv the LORD

Floor 2: these men hav job, luv the LORD, n luv kids

Floor 3: these men hav jobs, luv d LORD, luv kids n are extremely good looking; waoh! she thinks but feel compelled 2 keep going. she goes 2 the 4th floor n the sign reads: Floor 4: these men hav jobs, luv d LORD, luv kids, are drop-dead good looking n help with d housework.

Oh! mercy me, she exclaims, i can hardly stand it! still she proceeded 2 the 5th floor n the sign reads: Floor 5: these men hav jobs, luv d LORD, luv kids, are drop-dead gorgeous, help with d housework n hav a strong romantic streak. She is so tempted 2 stay, BUT she goes 2 the 6th floor n the sign reads: U are visitor 4,563,897 to this floor. There are no men on this floor! This floor exist solely as that some women are impossible 2 please, Thank u for shopping @ d husband store, watch ur step as u exit the building, n hav a nice day.

pls send dis 2 all men 4 a good laugh n 2 all d women who can handle d truth.

Why are so many women not married today, check it out n tek precaution. Yours Hilson.

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