Hurray as the senate at last passed the resolution to determine Vice President Good luck Acting President.

The Nigerian Senate have at last demanding sick President Umaru Yar'Adua hand power to  his deputy, in the latest attempt to break months of deadlock.
Honestly i know it will happen because more disgrace are coming to Nigerian and the shameless PDP .
How on earth can they think that Nigeria with a population of over 140 million can stand without a President or somebody acting as one.

Yes ,people may be saying that Vice President Goodluck have been doing the work of the President ,giving you example of ample of executive meetings,and sending troupes to jos,but they will never tell you that having meetings or sending troupes are not really the main duty of the president.
Have they forgotten so soon, that most ministries are yet to have permanent secretaries, signing of some bills that will yield dividend for us.
Oh i think we should stop deceiving ourselves in order not to incure the wrath of God.

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