How would you like including community services in the Nigeria Education curriculum

Community services are common place with Non-Governmental Organizations and something corporate organizations would take up as a social responsibility. But there are suggestions that Community services should be included in the academic curriculum of students, an opinion that is meant to foster problem solving mindset among undergraduates and secondary school students alike.

In a speech by the State minister for budget and National planning, Dr. Clem Agba at the 5th graduation, 6th matriculation and 9th Anniversary ceremonies of the Edo delta development initiative says, there is need to include community development services in the education curriculum of tertiary institutions and secondary schools accordingly as it will promote charitable services and volunteer work.

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However, Mr Clem suggestion leaves us to make submissions about the sort of community services students should be aware of as he made little attempt to specify. Community services are varying and largely influenced by the goals in view.

Corporate social responsibilities are one the subtle ways organizations make aware the existence of their organization without pressing too hard. They affect the life of communities by directly building health centers, digging community boreholes, schools, providing signposts, scholarship slots and other special intervention packages. The main goal of CSR is to register the brand’s  awareness and softly make new loyal consumers for their products, programmes and services, one of such big global brands that have insisted on this approach is Google.

Equally, Including community development services in the education curriculum is a great idea and I believe it hopes to achieve some or all of the following with this learning approach:-

Overcome blatant illiteracy among community members

If all the teachers in tertiary and secondary were sent back to the streets to teach, it will be a very difficult project to achieve judging from the ratio of teachers to number of students, plus the poor learning outcomes which may emerge thereafter. Still in the same instance, if students were to take up such project as a way of giving back to the society, it will wear a more practical outlook given the energy they will summon to showcase what they have been taught in school liberally.

Foster capacity to mastermind academic professions among students

Just like no great doctor is made in the classroom alone, no professional is crowned without active and relevant service over time. Students will benefit largely from such community services as they will mastermind their academic profession by act. As casual as education sounds, teaching an adult who never had the privilege to go through school at a younger age is such a big thing they will ever be grateful for.

The symbiotic relationship of community services and students’ involvement is very relatable and worth embracing. This is a call for consideration of this informal proposal to encourage field learning among secondary school students and undergraduates alike while also giving back voluntarily to the society.  

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