How We Got Nigeria’s President Yar’Adua to speak –BBC (HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PRESIDENT???)

The BBC had to introduce Jamila Tangaza, the Head of its Hausa Service, to speak on how they got to the President.

Tangaza explained: “Well, first of all, I must say that it took a lot of time, persuasion, arrangements, phone-calls and cajoling to even be able to reach that stage, reason being that the President was all along receiving attention from his doctors and the people that were looking after him insisted that he should be given space to recover.

“Now I didn’t do the interview personally (but) my Senior Producer, Mansur Liman, made use of his connections with some of these officials and at the end of the day, he was able to get that interview.

Are you sure it was the President’s voice?
Tangaza: Absolutely, sure. I have no doubt whatsoever. Like I said, Mansur Liman, who did the interview knows the President and it was his voice.

Going by what the President said, do you think that he would, in any way, satisfy those people who claim actually that the whole thing is unconstitutional?
Tangaza: Well, it is going to be very difficult because already there are calls from within the opposition, expressing doubt about the authenticity of the voice and that it would be better if we had got video images of the interview.

This is especially coming from the point of view of satisfying the ordinary Nigerians who, they say, are completely disconnected from the true position of things and that seeing Yar’adua speaking to them would have gone a long way in cooling their nerves.

But on the part of the elite and the government they are saying this would be enough to convince Nigerians that it was, indeed, Mr President (who spoke) and that he is alive and willing to return and carry out the affairs of governance without hitches.”


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more cover ups. more grease to ur elbows
It is really unfortunate that uptil now we can not understand the status of our President's health. Nigerians are worried. WHERE IS OUR PRESIDENT?
Nice Post......


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