How undergraduates can manage a full-time study with a part-time job

Undergraduates sometimes find themselves doing a side job while studying at school; well that’s a really great idea, I must commend. But I’m most concerned about dealing with studies and work, side by side without letting either side suffer. I mean students have a lot of academic activities to deal with – test, seminars, term papers, examination, gathering of research works and materials for those in their final year and lots more. Over here is work, dealing with your availability, punctuality and productivity which is not 100% guarantee could pose a little wobble, especially if you have a boss.

A side-job and studying pays off big time…


You will be way above your contemporaries while in school because you’ve got the experience they don’t have early. You are working under pressure trying to meet up with school and work too. A lot is in your head to fix –that’s much of an experience. On a bigger scale, the actual job you are doing is a plus to your work experience and perhaps your skill set too.

Income extra                                            

When you work, you earn- that’s right. You absolutely get some extra income when you work as a student. It could be a personal business or you are working for an establishment, I hope you are not hustling for free.


Sets you up for lots of opportunities, you become more flexible and earn the ability to multi-task etc.

Some part-time jobs students can fit into

There are lots of jobs that undergraduates can do while studying. You do not necessarily need to work for someone; you could be selling your skills or product. Some part-time job to check out include photography, graphics design, web developing and design, facilitator, instructor or teacher.

How to manage your part-time job and full-time studies

As much as you want to make your work time productive, you also need to make your studies and grades count.  The guidelines below will help.

Prepare a work/school schedule

Compare your school study table and your work schedule daily, with what you have, prepare on time table with time and days. It will help you do what you need to do per time at school and at work and know how much time you have to social activities.

You may need an assistant

You really do not have to pay this ‘assistant’, could be your paddy at school or at work. You need them to cover up for you when you can’t make it down to school or work. Most of the time, they give you information or relay to you instructions to be followed which you did not witness.

Be flexible

If you are not flexible to accommodate extra responsibilities, you may fail to manage the two sides. With an open mind, be ready to multi-task and keep up with your routine. Before you know, it becomes part of your lifestyle.

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