How undergraduate students can turn academic fears into accomplishments

  • Get yourself a minder

  • Develop and transparent and honest relationship with your minder and trust him for help • Prioritize you to-do-list

  • Smile more than worry

  • If you can help yourself out, getting worried should be put at bay

Fear, if you let it, can build up to affect your sense of belonging, self-confidence, pride and affect your performances academically and proceeds to induce weakness, stress, fear, lack of confidence and inferiority complex. However, you can as well rehabilitate your academic confidence by fighting for what makes you strong, confident and happy.

Through this medium, on that note, I intend to guide students on how to come of academic fears and turning them into accomplishments.

Academic scenarios that can induces fear naturally on students include;

• Deadline for completing and submitting academic assignments, research materials and the likes

• Public speaking both impromptu and rehearsed

• Fear of being mocked for answering a question wrongly

• Fear of being turned down if aiming at interacting with authority figures

• Inferiority complex

How to turn you academic fears into accomplishments

Get yourself a minder

A minder, a mentor which ever you wish to tag it, you will need some of their services and attention to help yourself out of your academic fears. The saying that a problem shared is a problem half solved goes well with this very tip. A minder will help you out if you are willing to trust their lead.

Develop a transparent and honest relationship with your minder

The minder you are going to fetch for yourself should be able to earn your trust such that you will open up to share your worries and fears. Just like your lawyer, any information you provide for your minder is what they will run with to help your psychological need. Make the relationship with your minder honest and transparent to make the mind-work a quick process.

Prioritize your to-do-list

What should be in your to-do-list if I may? If you asked me, I would say those academic activities that you struggle with. You could register for a counseling programe where you will be charged on best practices in public speaking, overcoming inferiority complex and the likes.

Smile more than worry

When you smile, you erase the worry lines on your face; the same thing happens in your inside when you smile continually. For instance, when you appear before a project research panel frightened, you can ease yourself with a smile before presenting your research material proper before the panel There is a better way to worry Instead of worrying about your academic fears, it is better you worry about how to get out of your fears. So the next time, you put fear at bay and go after the means. There is always a better way to worry.

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