Final year projects have a beginning and an ending; while the process of choosing the project topics for the research marks the starting point, the summary and conclusion of the research brings constructive end to the research. Undergraduate research can be conclusive or rather inconclusive; it all depends on what the researcher has set to achieve and the scope of the research also has some level of influence too. While these factors lie side by side, I will like to point out the several ways undergraduates can present conclusions for final year projects.

What is a research conclusion?

Research conclusion is a generalized statement made at the end of the research indicating that the researcher has arrived at a resolution based on the various research findings. This inclusive statement is made in assumption that, while other factors being equal, such research finding can be held as universally applicable.

Several methods of presenting conclusions for final year projects

  • Making a comparative statement depending on the objectives of the research and the research topic in question.

  • Raising mindful thoughts or rhetorical questions

  • Making a generalized statement (mostly used)

The simple method of drawing a research conclusion

Undergraduate projects as much as other kinds of research totally remain inconclusive until a conclusion is drawn; from where if I may? The conclusion of the research is drawn from the research findings. The research finding fulfills the slatted objectives individually; when that is done, a constructive statement is made, such that does justice to the research topic.

I may not be able to explain to the point that makes sense to you, but here is a sample of research conclusion on maternal health coverage in Nigeria newspapers.


This study therefore concludes that although maternal health issues were captured more as news by the guardian and The Punch national newspapers, which represents an engaging and sharp way of passing written information by the mass media, the coverage of maternal health issues by these newspapers remains shallow and lacks preponderance as most maternal health issues were given low interpretation and analysis.”

From the example above, it is clear that a conclusion for a typical undergraduate research is short, on-point and different from a summary. It is more or less a statement that is made in more general terms to pass judgment on the principals of the research.

Mind you, a research conclusion should not to be mistaken for the summary which is a little lengthy and requires a longer prose.

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