How to write a significance of the study for your final year project

A component of an Undergraduate project's introduction is devoted to the significance of the study. This article explains how to write this section and gives an example to show how to do so.

Fundamentally, the section on the significance of the study informs the reader about how the study will contribute to a problem in mind. However, what the research will contribute and who will profit from it must be explained explicitly.

If you let your thoughts flow, you can come up with several important contributions to your Undergraduate project research work. However, I find the following pointers useful when writing the study's relevance.

Below are important tips to note when writing your significance of the study;

  1. Refer To The Problem's Statement

Your problem statement can help you figure out what your study's specific contribution is. You can achieve this by looking for a direct relationship between the problem description and the significance of the study.


For instance, your research question could be written as follows:

“Is there a significant relationship between the teacher’s teaching pattern and the students’ academic performance in Mathematics?”

Given this research question, your research's contribution would most likely be a new teaching pattern (or styles) (among the three you examined) that can assist students do better in Mathematics. Your research will show that this method of instruction is effective. That might be a game-changing technique that transforms the way teachers teach Mathematics, a subject that many pupils despise.


As a result, just looking at your problem statement will reveal how important your research will be to individuals who need it. You will not vary from the predicted result of your investigation. Others may make use of your discoveries for their own reasons.

If the study's findings do not add to the body of knowledge, you should reconsider the study's goals. Determine what people in your field of study require. There will always be a problem your undergraduate research should try to solve.


  1. Write From A General Contribution To A Specific Contribution


Write the significance of the study by considering the research's overall contribution, such as its significance to society as a whole, and then working your way down to the individual level, which may include yourself as a researcher. You begin generally and progressively narrow your focus to a certain group or individual. It's a deductive technique, like an inverted pyramid. As a result, you write from the broadest to the most specific applications of your research findings.

This efficiently motivates the mind to think in a deductive manner, i.e., from general to specific, when combined with a reference to the problem statement.



These two methods for writing the significance of the study will keep your mind from roaming aimlessly as you investigate the relevance of your research. By using them, you will save time and be able to concentrate on the next section of your Undergraduate Research. Who knows, maybe this area can assist you argue why your study is worthy of a grant.

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