How to tag project research studies alongside exam's

It’s exams season for most undergraduates but some class of student’s wish they could air-brush the exams and focus on their final year projects. Unfortunately, the time could get shorter, shortly after the exams are over but nothing can change the fact that you need exams to have a complete pass. I’m talking of final year students who have exams to prepare for and their project topics to research on.

From the guide that this article will offer, you should be able to walk through this path, maximising your study time for your research projects and exams alike from a single study shot, once for all. Let’s go ahead.

If you ever visited your university library, you’ll realize how instrumental it could be for your exams preparation and if it has something to offer your research topic, then you must be on top of the world.


So studying for exams and project which should run first? Certainly the one that needs your attention at the moment, let me guess,  exams right? Let me assure you; you can deal with the two at once; how? Let me tell you

Pick copies of texts for both

Undergraduates studies is not like secondary school were different subjects gets thrown at you. Most undergraduate courses are inter-related and it is possible to run into useful resources for your research while studying for exams. Now this is the moment you should ready for. Ensure to pick-up texts that are useful for your research and exams, they may be different texts or just one.

Allot the study time unequally

When you pick the texts, you should be thinking on how to cover for both ends. Quick hack- allot time unevenly. Since exams is taking the much attention, you should allot more study time for it and the other for research study.

Take note of the books title, authors and dates

You may not know how difficult it is to find a book you once used in the library only to come back next time to realize you don’t have a clue what the title sounds like. Worst of all, it could be in use by someone else and you didn’t know it.

However, if you note down the details of the books you go through. It is easier to surf them online if it’s not available for you. Recall you’re preparing for exams and soon you’ll resume activities with your research paper, you’ll need  the citations, references, bibliography and every detail you need to give acknowledgement to an idea-source.

Don’t forget the theories

Theories are significant part of your research project, in some field of study however, it is necessary to apply them while tackling exams questions.

If this is the case, this is a good chance to study and understand which theory applies to which circumstance and in what sense.

Gathering resources for undergraduate projects does not require any hard and fast rule. It is all influenced by chance, accident and arrangements.

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