How to summon confidence for undergraduate project defense

You have done well to have completed your undergraduate project research successfully. I guess it was easy getting your undergraduate project topics approved on time; and I hope you scaled through defending your project proposal. Now the journey is ending, the last lap of the project is the defense which is almost inevitable. If that is so, how then do you show before the project defense panel that you did the research and came out with facts convincing enough to take back home. There is no magic; confidence is all you need right now even after cramming the pages especially when you are not a regular public orator.

This article is meant to guide you on how to summon confidence before and during the defense of your undergraduate project research.

How to summon confidence for undergraduate project defense

No substitute for practice

Practice, practice, practice!! that’s one thing that has no replacement when you need just enough morale to face professors and senior lectures in a project defense panel. Practice the defense in the witness of family, friends, colleagues and loved ones to help you master your presentation and if they are good enough to make judges, they can help shape your public speaking skills for good.

Replicate each view point from different perspectives

To prepare yourself confidently, reproduce each researched viewpoint into different perspectives and find a balance just incase they try to test your level of understanding of the undergraduate project topic you researched on  before the panel.

Avoid registering any bad impression in your mind

You may not be the first to go before the defense panel for your project defense. So there is every tendency of having to panic after the previous presenters come out narrating their ordeal; they usually have nothing good to say if they haven’t done so well. Always put yourself together and stay out of negative impression till it gets to your turn.

Pin reminder-stickers to your project copy  

To help boost your confidence in the absence of a projector, prepare nuggets reminder stickers to boost your presentation. It helps you align your viewpoints structurally and maturely.

I wish you well at the defense panel.  

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