How To Start Poultry Farming In Nigeria – Poultry Farming Business Plan

Poultry Farming covers both egg production and chicken farming. Starting a poultry farm in Nigeria seems easy. One might say all you need do is buy them, feed them and sell them when they are mature. However, without an adequate knowledge on poultry farming, you might end up killing the birds (unintentionally of course), losing all of your capital investment before even crossing the first month of the poultry farm business.

This would be extremely devastating especially when a huge sum of money has been invested into starting the poultry farm. Therefore, having just an idea is not enough an in-depth, detailed knowledge and proper study about poultry farming in Nigeria is compulsory.

As mentioned earlier, poultry farming entails both egg production and chicken farming, both business plans and feasibility studies are available. In this article however, we would be giving a thorough insight into chicken farming In Nigeria.

Before we explain in detail all you need to know about poultry farming in Nigeria, let us briefly show you why you should consider poultry farming as a top priority and just how lucrative it can be >>>>>Continue Reading

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