Starting a Cement Business here in Nigeria is not that hard compared to what people are saying. To start as a Distributor –  First, You need to start a company whose business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

Once you have your company registered which is a little bit simple to do and requires just a little amount of money, let’s say N45,000 to N50,000. After you have that sorted out, the next thing to do is to open a corporate account in any Nigerian bank with the company name. After opening your account then you get a reference letter from the bank and proceed to Dangote or any other Cement Company to do your registration.

Dangote Registration normally take like 48 hours maximum and No Application/Registration deposit is required. To register as a major distributor, Call or WhatsApp  09069268112

After you have been registered, the other things you need to put in place are:

1. A warehouse with enough space to store your stock.

2. Arrange for Supply.

For further inquiry, don’t hesitate to call us on 09069268112. we are selling Dangote Cement at N1,000 per bag! Delivery is guaranteed within 48HRS after booking.

Contact Saliu Garba, Hot line: ➡️ 09069268112 to order now!  Our mode of payment is pay on delivery for registered dealers. We deliver to anywhere within and outside the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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great job get yahoomail sign in and sign up tips visit my blog
great job get yahoomail sign in and sign up tips visit my blog
Nice 1......
Nice 1......
Nice 1......

Start with full confidence, I will help you

Not a bad business though, view this with 9mobile Free Browsing, thanks for sharing

Thanks for the guide.


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