Mushroom like any other crop has its time of maturity and harvest. But it will interest you to know that while other agricultural products take up to three (3) months or more to mature, mushroom takes less than a month to mature during incubation period and unlike other crops mushroom can be harvested daily for 6 months to one year. In this article I will disclose how you can start a mushroom farm and get 100% return on investment within one year. Now let’s look at the stages of starting a mushroom farm in Nigeria. I will focus on mushroom farming in Nigeria because here in Nigeria our climate is different and there are mushrooms that need very cold weather to survive. So let’s get started. ..

Things Needed For Cropping House

Cropping house is where you plant your mushrooms, unlike other crops you don’t plant on the soil but on saw- dust and because mushroom doesn’t need direct sunlight to survive it is important that a house be provided for the crops to grow. To prepare the cropping house the following will be needed:

  • Plastic roofing sheets

It is important not to use aluminum roofing sheet because this will cause excess heat there by making the crops not to survive.

  • Palm fronds

The body of the cropping house should be made with palm fronds because this helps reduce heat and cuts cost.

  • Wood for shelves

The mushroom seeds are usually inoculated in colonized bags and these colonized bags are placed either horizontally or vertically on shelves. Every mushroom farmer should make shelves in the cropping house to place the colonized bags.

Another important thing needed for a mushroom farm is watering can or sprinkler to water the crops daily.

Note that for mushrooms to survive they are to be kept in incubation room for about a month before transferring to the cropping house, so a separate room should be provided for that purpose.

As I said in my previous discussion mushroom is waste converted to wealth and has a ready market, many super markets need daily supply of mushroom, and so if you are into agriculture or planning to go into agriculture, you should consider mushroom farming which can create wealth for you within one year and make you an employer of labour.

On a final note, if you need more information on mushroom farming visit

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