How to Secure Your Office Environment With a Checklist

We spend most of our time at the office which makes it technically a second home, even at home we are faced with some security challenges not to talk about the office where transactions and business is conducted. Every organization needs a policy to keep its employees and assets safe, this can be achieved by constant security checks and implementing various security measures which can prevent an attack from intending perpetrators. Some of the security issues in the workplace are;

  • Unauthorized Access
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

All these factors are a disturbance to a flow of the business one way or the other. Here’s a checklist of security best practices to make your workplace a safe place.

  1. Train your employees on the importance of adhering to the security guidelines and procedures of the organization.
  2. Employ security personnel that checks and logs every employee or visitor that enters the office building, also keeps people from loitering around the premise.
  3. Install Surveillance Systems in and around your workplace.
  4. Ensure all doors and windows are properly locked at the end of the work hours.
  5. Ensure all computers are labeled and passworded.
  6. Have sufficient lighting in and around your office building.
  7. Install a security system that alerts local security at the occurrence of an attack.
  8. Install Security Doors and have access control systems to control movement.
  9. Keep every vital document and cash in a safe with limited access.
  10. Rearrange Office Furniture and Partitions with those that have daily contact with customers and others with less interface with the customers at the back.
  11. Issue all employees identity cards with recent passports and visitors temporary pass for easy identification.
  12. Have an emergency toolkit with torchlights, first aid, and water.
  13. Install bollards, swing gate or barriers at the entrance of the organization.

Don’t wait until its too late to take action, many organizations lose capital because of inadequate security measures, which is why at Trivest Technologies we specialize in general office security and we provide companies with the guidelines and procedures to keep them safe while they go about there daily business.

Contact Trivest Technologies today for an Office Security Plan Email: [email protected] Phone: +2348022306494

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