The role of Canon Ink Absorber is to make sure that excessive form of ink is not getting splashed on the paper. On many occasions, the superior form of component like Ink Absorber makes sure that quality form of print is being displayed on the sheet of paper. Having said this, user might come across the troubleshooting error like – difficulty in resetting of Ink Absorber.

 The professionals of Canon Printer make sure that user does not have to worry at all. They just need to follow steps mentioned below -

  1. The printer is supposed to be in shut down mode.
  2. Then, make sure of pressing and holding the Resume Button.
  3. In this step, while the button is held down, user needs to reset the Ink Absorber in suggested manner.
  4. In this step, user needs to release the Power Button.

Once all the points or steps are taken into consideration then user will not have any difficulty in resetting of Ink Absorber. If the user is not able to completely understand then just make sure of communicating with experts of Canon Printer. For more information visit Canon Printer Helpline Number UK or call @ 0808-101-3524.

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