I know how annoying it can be, trying to withdraw or maybe pay2² for services but you experience a failed transaction and you’re being debited.
Failed POS and ATM transaction is rampant all over Nigeria, you can only hope you don’t experience it in a critical moment as it can frustrate the plans you had.

What’s a Failed atm or pos transaction and how does it happen?

Failed atm and pos transaction is an error that occurs when the account linked to your debit card is debited for a transaction and value is not received by the other party involved.

It can be that either:

1. your transaction fails at the point of making payments via POS/Web but your account is debited for the same value.
2. Cash is not dispensed from the ATM but the exact amount has been debited from your account.

will i get an immediate reversal?

although some incorrect debit gets reversed Immediately, some takes time and if you don’t act you may not get the reversal on time. At this point what you can do is to contact your bank for a reversal.

So I will take you through the steps on how to get a reversal from your bank in the light of such occurrence.

Read full article @ how to get your money after a failed transaction with your bank

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