If you've been following my posts on this forum or have visited my blog, you sure know that I give free information on business ideas. I also want to let you know that the things I write about are things I know and have practical knowledge of. If I write anything I don’t know I will tell you that I don’t have practical knowledge of it. As a blogger, I may come across some business ideas that are good and write about them but I won’t stop there I will also let everyone reading my articles know that I don’t know much about it so, they should make research to find out how to go about it.

In this post I want to talk about liquid soap production. You can produce liquid soap and package it to dominate your market. Liquid soap is a household item that everyone needs at home and in offices, so it sells well, I also produce liquid soap for part time and planned to stop because of my tight schedule but guess what, people keep coming for it so I have to keep at it. But if you want to make it in large quantity and supply to companies you can produce and package it. Below is a step by step guide on how to produce liquid soap.

Having written several business ideas in my blog and free e-book, I also know that it is important to have practical knowledge of the articles you read and downloaded from my blog (that is if you are interested in going into any), so as to teach others that want to learn from you. I have given practical training to many people on Liquid soap, Dettol, Izal, insecticide, bleach and toilet cleaner etc.

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  • Nitrosol
  • Stpp
  • Caustic soda
  • Soda ash
  • Texapon
  • Sulphurnic acid
  • Sls
  • Colour
  • Perfume
  • Formalin (preservative)



  1. 1kg of thickener (Nitrosol) goes with
  2. 100 liters of water
  3. 2 spoons of color
  4. 1kg of soda ash
  5. ¼ kg of caustic soda
  6. 5 liters of sulpurnic
  7. 1 kg S.L.S
  8. 1 kg of Texapon
  9. 5cl of preservative
  10.  1kg of S.T.P.P
  11.  2 small  bottles of perfume


  • Dissolve nitrosol in 15 liters of water
  • Dissolve STPP in 2 liters of water and keep it aside
  • Dissolve caustic soda, soda ash and texapon in 4 liters of water, pour it into the dissolved nitrosol and mix very well
  • Pour sulphurnic acid into the nitrosol and mix very well
  • Dissolve SLS in 2 liters of water, add it to the nitrosol and mix very well
  • Add your already dissolved STPP to the nitrosol and  mix very well
  • Dissolve colour in 1 liter of water, add it to the nitrosol and mix very well
  • Add perfume and mix very well
  • Add formalin and mix very well.

Cover it and keep it aside to allow the foam to go down before putting into bottles for use or sale.

Please note that the preparation above is for 25 liters of water.

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