Dettol as a germicide is a household item that we need every day though most people don't use it daily because of the price. but you too can produce yours at home for personal use or better still produce in large quantity for commercial purpose. I have trained many people on how to produce Liquid soap, Dettol, Izal, Bleach, etc. If you want to make your own Dettol below is a step by step guide and if you need practical or one on one training you can contact me on whatsapp with this no. 08185741226.

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1.      Pine oil

2.     Phenol

3.     Texapon                                                              

4.     Chlorozanol

5.      Water

6.     IPA

7.     Dettol colour



To produce 5ltrs of Dettol you will need:

1.     ½ liter of pine oil

2.     1/8 of phenol

3.     ¼  kg of texapon

4.     ¼ liters of chlorozanol

5.     2 liters of water

6.     2 liters of IPA

7.     Dettol colour



1.     Put pine oil in to a container (preferably plastic bucket)

2.     Add phenol and mix

3.     Add texapon and mix all very well

4.     Then add chlorozanol and mix very well

5.     Add water and stir very well

6.     Add IPA and stir very well

7.     Add Dettol colour 1 cap stir very well and allow for 1 hour before use   


To test for dettol, put some water in a bucket, then put one or two drops of  alredy prepared dettol and you will see that the water will become whitish.

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