Stinky feet are often caused by little or no ventilation to your feet. Sweat plus no ventilation is a sure recipe for smelly feet. Bacteria eat the feet’s sweat which produces isovaleric acid which causes the feet to have a foul odour. Poor hygiene, wearing poor-quality shoes and over wearing shoes can cause feet odour.
Below are simple tips to prevent smelly feet:
Pick The Right Shoes
Wear only well-made shoes that allows ventilation. Clothing like socks, net socks, pop socks or pantyhose should be breathable in order to ensure proper ventilation.
Try not to wear the same shoes every day rather wear a variety of good shoes so you can give each pair of shoes about 24 hours of ventilation before you wear them.
Get some Air
Excessive amounts of sweat will increase your probability of getting stinky feet, so do not wear thick shoes especially in a hot environment.
Take off your shoes once in a while and let your feet breathe. Make sure when you take off your shoes try to air them out especially if it is wet.
Wash Your Feet
Wash your body properly every day and if you have a history with feet odour make sure you clean your feet with an anti-bacterial soap.
Wash between your toes and make use of a foot scrub to effectively wash out the sweat in the skin pores.

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