If you did receive a bucket of water baptism after your final exams, gave yourself and friends a treat or wore uniform attires as a remarkable way of saying good bye to your undergraduate days, I guess you thought the struggle had just ended – like it looks so easy from that lens to take up the new phase of life until with your bare hands. However, you can hardly boost of a compelling CV, outstanding enough to get you your dream job, especially now that little or nothing comes from home for upkeep.

To prepare right for the life after school means that you need to position yourself for a job if you wish to be an employee, or venture into business if you so wish. To position yourself as a to-be employee means that you need to write a compelling CV or hire a CV writer if necessary plus strategic responsibilities you must assume.


What quick and smart roles can you play to prepare yourself for a good job without delay after school? This article gives answers and positive solutions to the question above including strategic actions to take against persisting job-search failures.

First, you need a compelling CV

It is recommended to hire a CV writer when you cannot make your CV standout. A good CV must be highlighted thoroughly with your skills which ofcourse relates to the actual job you are seeking.  It will interest you to know that you need more than one CV for each time you are seeking for a different job which requires different kind of skill.

Its good to learn how to write different kinds of CV after school or at the verge of Job seeking but it is smart to hire a CV writer who has the professional know how to finish your CV and make it stand out irrespective of the kind of job you are applying for.

What skills are you known for?

Your CV is almost useless if it does not include your skill no matter how compelling it seems. Your skill isn’t just enough, you must include a skill that matches your job search; it must be a reoccurring term or phrase in your CV, please take note.

For the sake of emphasis, if you hardly know how to place your skills strategically in your CV, hire a CV writer for a touch of professionalism.

The Right network works it out

Imagine having the best CV in the world and not finding a vacant seat to apply for; that isn’t smart enough. While drafting your alluring CV, network with businesses, establishments, friends etc. It will help you keep abreast of information relating to job opening and vacancies available for your application.

You will easily get worked out and probably go bankrupt if you go about knocking at peoples offices; be smart. The internet has provided various platforms where you don’t just submit CVs, you are also notified about available job opening, LinkedIn is a good example and always available.  

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