How to Pass JAMB 2018 Use of English Lexis and structure

 i want to reveal the basic skills required to pass Use of English Lexis and structure in UTME 2018. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB has concluded the plan to conduct this year exam in first quarter of 2018.  JAMB has recording a record breaking 1.7 millions applicants. Now Use of English language is very important subject in UTME examination. that is why we are giving out basic grammatical rules you should know before you write your English Exam.

In Nigeria, English is not our mother language. we learn it and make it our official language. We also have our own Version of English Language which we called (pegin). All these have impact in the way we speak and write English Language in an exam. Now let’s dive into how to Pass JAMB 2018 Use of English Lexis and structure.

What is Lexis ?

Lexis is a part of English language where sentences are determined on a system of the relationship between words. So simply Lexis is the set of all words and phrases in language, and those words or phrases are called Lexical items, you know in the use of English language as a subject we don’t really need definition


Structure is referring to as the set of established rules of a language, for the combination of words to be meaningful in that language. So basically, Structure is used to arrange or put words together in orderly ways by combining the words (lexical items) together with the rules. On this post we are going to focus more on grammatical rules that governed structure in English Language.

Now JAMB will test your skill in formation of sentence. The rules you can apply in joining words together to form a simple and correct sentence. You have to learn the rules in joining each element of a sentence. This rule is called concord in English language subject. Concord in the use of English language means agreement between the subject and the verb or agreement between a verb and other elements of clause structure. JAMB 2017: Basic Grammatical rules you should know

We examine some of the rules:

JAMB 2018: Basic Grammatical rules

RULE 1. Subject and verb concord

This rule state that When the subject in a sentence is singular, the verb should also be singular.
For example,
She (singular subject) goes (singular verb), not: She go ( plural verb). Also, when the subject is plural, the verb should also be plural‘
The girls (plural subject) go (plural verb), not The girls (plural subject) goes (Singular verb). There are will be questions from this rule just apply the rule to choose correct answer.

How to Pass JAMB 2018 Use of English Lexis and structure

RULE 2. Subject and Object concord

When everybody, everyone etc. are used, the object must be singular not plural.
For example: Everybody knows his or her name, not : Everybody knows their name

RULE 3. The Principle of proximity

This principle states that when there is a list of nouns or pronouns at the level of the subject, it is the nearest noun or pronoun to the position of the verb that will determine the choice of the verb.
E.g If James fails his examination, his teachers, his parents, his friends or John ( ) to be blame. You can check here for more

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