How to Make Your Circular Vibrating Screen More Sharp

First, you must know what is circular vibrating screen and how is works. Circular Vibrating Screen is main equipment to separate solid materials. It is designed with the barrel type of eccentric shaft vibration exciter and eccentric block to adjust the swing.Vibrating frequency can be adjusted by adjusting eccentric block. Circular Vibrating Screen produces vibrating force by vibrating generator, it makes screen body vibrate periodically according to vibrating direction. Materials are separated into various sizes according to different requests, and transported to specified places.
It is widely used in mineral, building materials, coal dressing, energy, chemical industry, etc. Especially connect with primary crusher and secondary crusher.

Next you can do something basis for this tips,keep your circular vibrating screen more younger. (1) demolition of parts with precision with the surface, should be particularly careful to protect the surface of these parts to prevent damage. (2) will open the rusty parts with machined surface, and plans to more than a few hours when stored outside the machine must be well protected and coated with oil, or coated with rust inhibitor. (3) demolition of a supporting surface and machined surface of parts should be laid in the floor board, to prevent direct contact with the ground surface and finishing. (4) parts and then installed before the screening machine, must be cleaned and oiled. (5) working part time, does not allow a direct hit with a hammer parts, must be a pad of copper or the corresponding pads. Knocking on the casting, special attention should lead to damage and cracks. Sometimes these cracks, and only operate in parts exposed to heat before. (6) When the bearing is damaged, it is best to replace the two bearings together. If, conditions, and not its replacement with two bearings, all bearings should be removed, cleaned, then loaded. (7) install the new screen, you must make screen the hook and the supporting sieve screen box angle or channel solid contact, and even tension.   offers.

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