How to Make a Man Feel Like a Man! Follow These Tips and Get the Desired Results Real Fast

While she is driven away from the Manifest Your Ex Back nice guy, she is also somehow attracted to the abusive jerk. The jerk often puts her down and doesn't listen to her and treats her like she doesn't exist. Everyone once in a while, he is nice to her, gives her affection, but it is very rare.What went wrong? What is the nice guy doing wrong and what is the jerk doing right? The nice guy was nice to her. The jerk is a jerk to her. So why is the nice guy ending up heartbroken while the jerk is getting the ladies?

One reason could be that the nice guy is trying too hard. He often puts up a front that is nothing like him. He wears reading glasses when he doesn't need them and he dresses fifty years older than he really is. He seems to live on the basis of how things should be. He figures if he is overly nice to the point of making one puke and gives gifts and affection almost constantly, the woman should want to be with him more. Everyone wants to feel loved, accepted and receive gifts right? Not necessarily all the time.When someone is that nice, someone is going to figure that something is up and that there is some hidden motive or agenda. A lot of times, there are hidden agendas. Some women can sense that. That is why often times you hear them call people who you would think is nice "creepy."

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