How to make a habit of drinking water especially when you hate it

Water is an essential component of life. Our bodies are 70 % made up of water. In some other organisms, water percentage exceeds to 90 %.  You might be that person who likes water, for washing face, for talking bath but when it comes to drinking, you simply can’t do it. Drinking water is not everyone’s favourite habit.

It’s simply not easy for everyone to drink it. Some people complain that if they drink water, it makes them extremely full, some complaint of nausea while others simply forget it. Yes forgetting to drink water is a common issue.

See following tips and build the habit of water drinking because you need it.

First understand...

Understanding the fact that water is essential for your health will help you to take practical steps towards building this habit.

When you consume water, it cleans your body from inside and when go toilet it takes all the toxins out of your body. This process improves your skins, prevents pimples, saves you from constipation and piles. It improves your immune system, builds your resistance to save you from different diseases and improves your clarity of thoughts and ideas.

Use a mindful approach

Make a plan, start from small goal. Set your goal for three days or four to drink 5 glasses of water. Mindfully spend your day and make time for drinking water.  

Analyze your whole daily routine and find time spots where you can easily drink water.

For example, start with drinking one glass in the early morning on an empty stomach. Then after a few hours, after reaching your office drink another. Before lunch drink one glass, and one with evening snack, another before dinner.

Scheduling this habit will help you to form this habit.

Draw glasses

This is my favourite technique. Every morning draw eight glasses on a piece of paper, throughout the day keep cancelling the glasses after you drink them. By the end of the day, you will be able to monitor your glasses.

Install mobile Apps

Many glasses of water drinking mobile apps are available that you can install in your phone. These apps remind you several times a day that you need to hydrate your body.

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