how to make $5-$10 daily to your perfectmoney account as a nigerian

Today you can now make $5-$10 daily to your perfectmoney account as a Nigerian.
To create a free perfectmoney account go to   and register a free account.
After creating this account there is a website that will pay you for some simple online jobs. This job is call captcha entry job. Your job is to  enter a captcha. Captcha  entry jobs is one of the most simple task you can do online and make money. You are sure of making at least $5-$10 daily. Some of this captcha entering comes inform of either letters or numbers. Your  job is to enter the captcha on the box provided for you. The more captcha you enter the more you earn. Your earning potentials is unlimited because the more hours you spend online entering captcha the more you earn.
There minimum withdrawal is just $1 which means you can withdraw once you have a minimum balance of $1 which is very easy to reach.  You can withdraw your money to your perfectmoney account were you can now use exchangers to convert it to naira been paid to your local bank account. You can look for perfectmoney exchanger around your area through google. Just type perfectmoney exchangers on google search box.
The step by step training manual  ebook  goes for #4000
But if you prefer one on  one training it goes for #8000
For more information call  07030929561
For more information call  07030929561

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