How to Lower Sand Maker Vulnerable Part Wear Effectively

Sand maker has a remarkable finely crushing effect on the high hardness materials, so a growing number of industries adopt sand making machine to produce the mechanism sand, and the quality of mechanism sand is closely related to the service life and equipment performance of the sand maker, especially the material quality of sand maker vulnerable parts. In order to manufacture the better sand making equipment to serve customers, Fote Machinery works hard on the material selection and forging process of the vulnerable parts of sand maker, and summarizes a series of means to reduce the vulnerable part wear of sand making equipment.

The vulnerable parts of sand making machine mainly include the plate hammer, bearing, counterattack liner, impeller, shell liner and rotor anvil, etc. FTM sand maker wear-resistant quick-wear parts are made of the alloy steel, high manganese steel, cast steel, bimetal composite of the cast steel and high chromium cast iron, etc. For instance, according to the different manufacturing materials, the shell liner and counterattack liner of FTM sand maker can be divided into (1) austenitic high manganese steel liner (2) martensitic steel liner for heat treatment; (3) pearlitic high carbon steel liner (4) alloy white cast iron liner (5) composite liner, these materials have the advantages of high wear resistance and impact resistance, which improves and alleviates the problem that the vulnerable parts of sand making machine are frequently worn. However, the sand making machine parts with different materials have different service life and different applicable materials, so Fote Machinery will offer the fully customizable sand maker equipment according to the customer's requirements.

Good materials can also be wasted excessively if they are not be used correctly, which not only causes the waste of resources, but also increases the production cost. FTM technicians have summarized several measures to reduce the wastage of sand maker quick-wear parts by the multiple experiments and combining the feedback of our clients. seven parts of Specific measures visit: Sand Maker Vulnerable Part

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