How to live a meaningful life by starting something small today

I believe that each person is a very special, unique individual.

I also believe that everyone has a passion - if only they could
discover it.

And let me state one final belief: I believe that if you will only
follow your passion - your dream - then everything will be all
right. It will work out.

You'll make enough money to live on, perhaps even get rich, but
more importantly you'll have a joy-filled and truly meaningful life.

The alternative is to live a life like our primitive ancestors -
grueling, desperate, toil-filled days devoid of meaning other than
brute survival.

The difference is that they had no choice. You do.

Now I want to say a word about 'meaningful.'

Do you, like me, equate the words 'meaningful' and 'dream' with
something hugely important; of tremendous significance to mankind?

For example, do you think that a dream in order to be meaningful
has to be something like this?:

Invent antigravity.

Invent faster than light travel.

Write a book which will profoundly change the lives of all six
billion people on the planet.

Create a world-changing philosophy.

Eradicate poverty, disease and hunger from the world.

Overthrow the government, and start an entirely new political
system invented by you.

Write a series of symphonies which make Mahler and Mozart look like

Climb every mountain; ford every stream; follow every rainbow.
In other words, are you trapped, like I was, by the belief that
your 'meaningful dreams' have to be grandiose, or they are not
worth pursuing? Do you believe that small dreams are for small
people and that only giant dreams are worth having?

If so, what on earth are we to make of dreams like this?

"I was a cost control accountant for IBM. One day I was driving
through the countryside on my way to a sales meeting. Suddenly,
about half a mile away, I saw abroken down windmill.

To this day, I don't know what happened, but something about that
windmill called to me. As though guided by a will other than my
own, I turned off the road and drove down the bumpy track leading
to the mill.

It was completely deserted, and dilapidated. Using my mobile
telephone, I cancelled my meeting. I don't know what possessed me.
I had never cancelled a meeting before except for serious reasons
such as ill health. Little was I to know that this was the most
important cancellation of them all. At that moment I knew I wanted
to own that mill and restore it to full working order.

Of course, it was crazy. I had a responsible job, paying a good
salary. I knew nothing about windmills. Literally nothing.
Correction: I knew that they went round and round, and somehow
ground corn into flour. But at that moment I found my passion in
life. To cut a long and difficult story short (for I will not
pretend it was easy), I located the owner of the mill and purchased
it from him. I gave up my job and career and moved with my family
into a house near the mill. We spent two years restoring it, and
now run it as a working windmill and museum.

I'll never get rich running the mill, but we make enough to make
ends meet. The important thing is that the last two years have been
the happiest of my life.

Perhaps I won't always own the mill. It's possible I might get
tired of it one day. But that doesn't matter. By then I'll have
another dream and I will know that it is possible to follow your
dreams and to succeed. From where I am sitting, I cannot even begin
to understand how I spent so many years as an accountant. It seems
utterly fantastic to me now."

This man is not going to save the world, cure all known diseases,
or eradicate poverty. He found a dream which was his unique destiny
or vision, and had the guts to follow it. His dream was entirely
insignificant on a global, or even local scale. He did not change
anybody's life apart from his own.

What were the needs which this dream fulfilled?

I can only guess. Perhaps he needed to create something with his
bare hands. Perhaps he needed to control something in its entirety
- be responsible for all of the cogs, rather than just be a cog
himself. Perhaps he wanted to earn his living in an honest way, and
saw accountancy as basically a dishonest profession. Only he could
tell you.


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