How to impersonate yourself during your undergraduate research without losing control

Even in the business world, business owners understand that daily transactions must continue weather they are there or not. For you who is probably a working class undergraduate, you may be troubled about meeting up with your job routines while also balancing your academic activities including your undergraduate project research. The period of final year research is often trying for the working class undergraduates since they have a chunk of books to study for exams, term papers, seminars plus the stress of choosing the undergraduate project topics they will research on following the subsequent approval and writing of the research paper.

Most of the time, undergraduate project students in this class are tempted to hire a writer for their research project and let loose of whatever cares they have for their research; it doesn’t turn out all good since they  struggle afterwards to even understand what the research is about. But you actually can be in control of the research even when you impersonate yourself during your undergraduate project writing. You are just a tab away.

Here is the key to be in control of your research without actually doing the writing

Create a system around your undergraduate project topics, in case you are working on more than one project topic. What does that mean? A system in this case does not refer to an electronic or technological entity; it simply means a working process which relies on the interactivity of the parties involved.

I have classified this process into three key categories

These three key categories make up the control process for your research; when you manage it well, it keeps you in control of the research no matter who writes it, they will always come back to consult and seek insight for the next direction. It also puts you into the research as though you are actually doing the tasks yourself.

Who is responsible for doing the writing?

You may choose to hire a writer who is professional; but no matter how professional the writer is, your direction must be duly followed because you have the writing guide for undergraduate project topics following instructions from your institution’s research guide.


Like I already highlighted, you pave way so the writer can start running. Give out the first guideline following instructions in the research guide and let the writing begin.

Tools for research

You must provide every tool they need to finish the research which includes pen, papers, text books, data for library or online research and software if necessary to check for plagiarism.

They are quite easy to follow, just take the extra mile to dish out the research guide stage by stage so you can easily keep abreast of how the research goes what is in it.  

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Final year project topics and research materials are a hard nut to crack especially when you have zero experience on where to start. Research project supervisors (these days) are usually after their pockets and most times do not provide value to the students. Well, you can supercharge your research process by getting project topics & materials by past undergraduate students and use them as a benchmark to create yours.

You don't really have to depend on anyone for research. It's called a research for a reason and you have to get familiar with going down the rabbit h***.

Hope this helps an undergraduate student who is looking for project topics and inspirations.


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