Every student in Nigeria is expected to conduct and present research at the final year of their undergraduate or postgraduate study. They are always assigned supervisors who are expected to ensure that they are guided in the right path towards their research. Oftentimes, these supervisors are unavailable, uninterested and/or nonchalant over their assignees that the students are left to look for how to get project topics or hire a project writer in Nigeria

In this post I am providing you a list of project topics for your final year research project

Accounting Project Topics

  1. Tax Incentives Catalyst For Industrial Development and Economic Growth
  2. Working Capital Management As A Tool For Cost Minimization And Prof...
  3. The Usefulness Of Forensic Audit In The Prevention And Detection Of...
  4. The Role Of Financial Statements In Investment Decisions
  5. The Problems And Prospects Of Company Income Tax Administration In ...

View more-> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/project-topics-in-accounting/

Architecture Project Topics

  1. Paint Factory Makurdi
  2. Domestic Airport Terminal Building
  3. Disaster Management Centre, Port-Harcourt

View more-> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/architecture/

Banking & Finance Project Topics

  1. The Role of Microfinance Banks in the Alleviation of Poverty in Nig...
  2. The Role of Financial Institutions in Export Financing in Nigeria
  3. The Role of Commercial Banks in Small Scale Entrepreneurial Develop...
  4. Analysis on the Impact of Social Responsibilities of Oil Companies ...
  5. An Analysis of Credit Management in the Banking Industry

View more -> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/project-topics-banking-finance/

Biochemistry Project Topics

  1. Effects Of Processing Methods On The Physico-Chemical Properties Of...
  2. Determination Of Active Sweet Components Of Common Artificial Sweet...
  3. Cardio Protective Activities Of N-Hexane Extract Of Desmodium Velut...
  4. Antilipidemic Effect Of Water (H20) Extract Of Desmodium Velutinum ...
  5. Preliminary Investigation on Effects of Burantashi Extract on Liver...

View more -> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/biochemistry/

Business Administration Project Topics

  1. A Survey Of The Efficient And Effective Personnel Management In Sma...
  2. The Impact of Change Management in Nigerian Banking Industry
  3. Impact of Employees Motivation on Organisational Productivity
  4. Analysis on the Impact of Social Responsibilities of Oil Companies ...
  5. Analysis of Corporate Leadership and Employee Empowerment in Select...

View more-> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/business-administration/

Chemical Engineering Project Topics

  1. Effect Of Particle Size On Oil Yield Using Scent Bean Seed (‘Ozaki’)
  2. A Comparative Study Of Chemical And Microwave Synthesized Activated...
  3. A Comparative Enthalpy Approach For Co-And Counter Current
  4. Extraction and Formulation of Perfume from Plant
  5. Design and Fabrication of Maize Corn-On-Cob Tray Dryer

View more -> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/chemical-engineering/

Computer Engineering Project Topics

  1. Design and Implementation of NYSC Orientation Camp Information System
  2. Design and Implementation of an Electronic Patient Management System
  3. Design and Implement a Computerized Drug Information Management Sys...

View more -> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/computer-engineering/

Computer Science Project Topics

  1. Computer Based Census Management System
  2. A Geographical Information Retrieval System (GIRS)
  3. Design and Implementation of Computerized Population Analysis System

View more -> https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/computer-science/

Economics Project Topics

  1. The Impact of Non-Oil Export on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1986-20...
  2. The Impact of Money Supply on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1981-2010)
  3. The Impact of Monetary Policy Measures as an Instrument of Economic...

View more:- https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/economics/

Electrical Electronics Engineering Project topics

  1. Construction of Microcontroller Based Vehicle Speed Alarm
  2. Design and Installation of 200 Watt Solar Power System

View more:- https://projectresearch.ng/topics/c/electrical-electronics-engineer...

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