Sage 50 error code 1603 is an installation error, it’s also known as ‘Install Shield Error’. Whenever you install or uninstall Sage 50 onto your operating system. There are some solutions to counter this issue, follow these steps to fix error code 1603:

  1. Select the defragmented disk,
  2. Right-click for go to properties, then the select tool option.
  3. Select the option of Disk Defragmentation.
  4. If defragmentation is required, then choose the Analyze option.
  5. Wait for complete the action by opting for defragmentation.
  6. Make sure your Antivirus or Firewall setting is not restricting installation.

If you are still unable to fix this error code, it is suggested that you connect with the Sage Customer Services or you can directly call on sage tech support number, they would provide you with professional assistance.


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