You are fixing USB in your computer and it is not recognizing the device. If you are such a user who is sailing in the same boat and facing the same problem then you have landed at the right place. This piece of information will let you know the reasons behind facing such an issue and also will be telling you how to fix the same. 


The USB device is the external device which connects various other devices to the computer. This helps the users to read another device in the computer. The USB device can also be used to connect a mouse, keyboard, printer and other computer peripherals to the computer. And if your computer is not getting connected to the USB then read the space further to get to know the reasons and its solutions. 

Reasons behind USB not connecting to a computer! 

The users can face such an issue any time and do not know the main causes behind it. Here are some of the causes that lead to such an issue.

  1. USB does not input correctly. 
  2. The computer USB port is damaged. 
  3. If connecting the mouse or keyboard, then it would not be functioning properly.
  4. USB root hub is not turned on. 

And there might be many other reasons which might lead to such an issue. And a result the users turn to Computer support for help. But the users can also perform the following steps to get the issues fixed by them. 

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix USB Issue

  1. Check if USB is connected to the device properly. If not the first take it out and then input it again. 
  2. The user can even try to restart the computer in case the USB is not recognized. 
  3. In case of a damaged USB, get the wire changed. And in case of damaged USB port, the user can get it repaired by nearest computer technicians. 
  4. Then the user can even check the USB root hub is turned on or not. 

Hence with the help of the above steps, we hope that the user can fix his USB not connecting or recognizing in the computer issue without any hesitation. In case the issue persists then he can contact Computer tech support to look into the matter and get it resolved. 

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Thank you for good points! I had many problems with Windows USB issues (internal and external), using my old laptop. Can you advise something about USB connecting problems on MacBook or iMac computers? As a current Mac user, I will be waiting for the next posts!  


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