How to deal with nervousness and panic during examination

Nervousness and panic are not serious health cases but are capable of threatening your mental capabilities; it’s a genetic or behavioral tendency that has a direct influence on your psychology whenever it happens to you. As a student you may have experienced panic and that nervousness especially during examination, an unannounced test, impromptu public speech, defending your undergraduate project topic, answering a question you didn’t prepare for in class or when participating in an inter-school debate. One of these sessions would have challenged your intellect especially if you didn’t prepare for it.

If you don’t mind, I ’did like to sample your mind on possible causes of anxiety and panic in a typical academic setting; maybe we could trace the how to deal with it from there.

  • When a question is thrown at you unexpectedly and you don’t even have a clue of what the answer could be.

  • When the examination paper is passed to you could hardly answer the first question; it could make your mind totally blank

  • When you are sure you haven’t read or prepared enough for the examination

  • When a teacher calls you out to explain a thought you never knew about

  • When you still have more pages to revise and time is up for the next paper

  • When you suppose everyone in class is prepared and look confident except you

  • When no bright colleague wants to seat by you knowing how poor you are intellectually

  • When you are the next person to defend your project topic or even the project itself

  • When your result is finally out

  • When you ask someone to check your result for you

So how do you deal with nervousness and panic in such cases?

  • Prepare for every class especially if you have a copy of the course outline

  • Approach exam questions with optimism even when you don’t seem to know the answer; somewhere along the line, you could get a hint that will put you through. Secondly don’t fight to start with the first, start with the best question.

  • Start to study early and prepare well and try not to look back at what is remaining; you may have a heart attack

  • The expression on your mates’ faces could be deceitful, some of them are as fearful as you; try to be self-confident and relaxed

  • Try knowing the sort of questions they asked those who already defended; you could find answers to those question before it’s your turn

  • Check your result yourself so that you won’t finally breakdown if it’s a bad news

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