How To Create And Run A Successful News Blog In Nigeria

News blogging is a trend in Nigeria, news blogs pop up every day in Nigeria, fueled by the success of some news blogs like, and the like, many youngsters are diving into blogging in the bid to earn a living from the fast trend of internet wealth.

News Niche Has A Large Audience
News blogging niche already has a large readership, people are in the need to know the happenings in country and the world at large.

News Blogs Are Easy To Operate
It’s easy to go into, you don’t need to be an expert in any field, all you do is report trending information around. You can pick any news, spin it to your taste, and publish on your blog.

News Blogging is Rewarding
Whether it be for the fame or money, news blogging is rewarding, News bloggers can directly advertise on their blogs once the traffic starts rolling in.

There are several ways to make money from news blogging and they include:

Direct and 3rd party advertisement like google adsense
Affiliate marketing
Direct sale of products on the site
Guest blogging
Endorsement deals
Provision of Services
Agency Services
And there are lots more ways to make money from news blogging, but remember it begins when the traffic starts rolling in, we will discuss this later.

People became celebrities by blogging, ask Linda Ikeji

Low Startup Cost
In comparison with other entrepreneurial endeavors, News blogging comes cheap, all you need is a computer with internet access and you are good to go. Yes, blogger is free, you can start from there and progress.

Unlike other form of business, you need huge startup capital, learn the skills e.t.c.

News Bloggers Enjoy Work Freedom
Being a digital Normand is the dream job of the 21st century, the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime and without supervision. This can be guaranteed through News blogging, the freedom to travel to different parts of the country or world, have fun when and where they want is a dream many will kill to have.

How To Become A News Blogger
Becoming a news blogger is easy but becoming a successful one is a hard nut to crack, less than 5% of news blogs make money in the first year of start, so there is more to it than just creating a blog and copy/paste content on it.

Creating A Blog
One can only become a blogger when He/She operates a blog, there is no blogger without a blog. Creating a blog is an easy process, as one doesn’t necessarily have to become a programmer to be one.

There are two ways to create a blog. The Professional Way and The Amateur way.

The Professional Way:
This involves money, to build a professional blog, you will have to use a non-hosted platform like self-hosted wordpress, wix e.t.c. In this case you will have to pay for Hosting, Domain, Theme, Plugins and a professional designer.

This can quickly crank up to $100, if you are conservative and hire a designer from a freelance website like fiverr, otherwise, the cost can be in several hundreds of dollars.

The Amateur Way:
This is a DIY approach to blogging, using free platforms like blogger, tumblr e.t.c.

Most successful bloggers started the amateur way and worked their way to the big league, there is no harm in that, you can still make it through this way. There are several blogs dedicated to helping you achieve your blogging dreams through the Amateur way, you can check out and other blogging tutorial blogs.

The Most Important Truths In News Blogging
This is the most important truths in News Blogging that no one will tell you until you are deep in it.

It’s a Saturated Niche
You keep hearing about success stories of professional bloggers earning 7 figures but nobody tells you the niche is pretty saturated, there are many bloggers out there carrying the same news as you, why should readers choose you instead from a conglomerate of blogs out there. Daily, many news blogs are abandoned, some deleted or re-niche because of how hard it is to get organic traffic for news blogs, the search engines have a hard time choosing which blogs appears where from a sea of blogs reporting the same thing. It’s really hard to drive organic traffic to news sites except you are doing the 7 things I will talk about later.

You Need to Develop Skills
Yes, copyrighting skill, the ability to create attention catching headlines and interesting topics. Then the skill to captivate readers and hold them spell bound as they devour your news piece.

You also have to master the act of timing, and human psychology (Bad news is good news).

Social Media is Your Friend
Most News bloggers pull majority of their traffic from social media, so it’s important you master social media marketing, understand how things work on social media platforms. But be careful not to spread yourself thin, choose a platform that you bond with mostly and focus on that. Maximize your reach and reiterate your success.

It Takes A While Before The Money Starts Coming
There is no gainsaying the fact that most newbie bloggers are in it for the money, but are mostly disappointed when nothing comes in after months of toil, that’s the truth, it takes a while to break even blogging, for some 6 months, others may take several years. You have to be patience. But then, you have to plan for alternative source of income to keep you going while waiting for the maturity of your News blogging investment.

7 Tips for Successful News Blogging
Have An Innovative Strategy:
Don’t be a copy and paste blogger, create your own strategy, it may be your reporting language, your promotion method, News analysis, comment appraisal, trivial contest e.t.c. Whatever makes you standout, whatever gets your readers coming back for more, whatever makes them bookmark your News blog as the number one News source for them.

News Content is King
Yes, content is king is when it comes to blogging, you shouldn’t be afraid to go the extra mile, add the extra content, make the News simpler, analyse it for your Audience, ask for their input, quote reactions and last but not the least, update your news. Your content should be original, if you copy it from another site, acknowledge the site, and spin the info as much as you can.

The length of your News post is crucial too, longer blog posts are important for search engine optimization, but are not liked by readers. To solve this, format your news into sub headings, that way readers can take it in gulps. Then make the content engaging and ensure the paragraphs are well connected and readers can flow along.

Share! Share! Share!
Share it on WhatsApp, share it on social media, share it on forums, share it on other news blogs, did I say share? Yes, do share your content, that’s what works best in driving traffic to your News Blog.

Consistency is the Key
Get your frequency and stick to it, News has to be served hot and fast, you shouldn’t lag for anything, this is the hard and most important part of News Blogging, especially if you are a general blogger, you need to update your blog several hours per day, striving to serve your audience current news information. Be the goto News Blog where information is Fresh, Accurate and Reliable.

Don’t slack in the tempo either, if your frequency is 5 News Posts daily, don’t reduce the frequency.

Be Controversial Sometime
Where your free thinking cap, go against popular belief, half full or half empty, the choice is yours, you can decide to report news happenings in another perspective, people may come for you, but the only resort that will get you is free publicity, see Donald Trump strategy to winning the US presidency.

Don’t be afraid to go against the traffic sometimes, but don’t make it a habit. You can also pull off other similar stunts that will give your blog free publicity.

Warning: Never report false information, this will greatly affect the reliability of your blog and can cost you readership.

Quote a statement as your personal opinion when you add them to News posts so you don’t confuse your readers.

Build A Team of Remote Bloggers
If you have the means, engage more hands as reporters and guest bloggers to help build your News Blog. As for Remuneration, you can agree on Revenue sharing, depending on your monetization method, if you are using google AdSense for instance, you can decide to share what you make monthly on percentage basis, that means each report can be added to the shared Adsense account so they can view the earnings and anticipate their take home. But one problem that may arise from this is that some reporters may perform more than others and yet will be paid equally or discord may arise if they are not paid equally.

You can read up revenue allocation strategy for multi-author blogs to learn more on how to make it work.

No matter what, it’s still advisable you consider having a team of reporters and assign each to report on a particular category.

Encourage Commenting and Reply Them
Always strive to end your blog post with a call for opinions, ask your readers to share their view on the news information, this may spark a long discussion on the topic. This move is good for your News blog’s health, search engines love it and it’s a good way of creating lasting impressions on readers and foster return visits.

Conclusion on Running A Successful News Blog
Running a News Blog in Nigeria is not easy, patience, strategy and grit is needed. I promise if you follow the tips as enumerated on this blog post you will succeed in your News Blogging endeavour.

Do you have any question on News Blogging, kindly drop it on the comment box below and I will reply soon.


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