How to Confirm Participation in Cowbellpedia Academy (Students & Teachers) - academy cowbellpedia ng

Cowbellpedia Academy Registration - The top 500 students and top 150 teachers have been shortlisted for the cowbellpedia Academy, this post will provide full details on how students and teacher can register for Cowbellpedia Academy. Cowbellpedia Academy is one of the initiatives sponsored by Promasidor, the makers of Cowbell – Our Milk to mark the 20th anniversary of the relationship between Cowbell and Mathematics.

The Cowbellpedia Academy is a workshop specifically created to drive support and interest in Mathematics/ Science of the Nigerian students in collaboration with foreign Universities/Dons who will be on ground to workshop students and teachers across Nigeria.

Cowbellpedia Academy Objectives

To workshop the best JSS 3 students, selected based on their performance at the 2018 Cowbellpedia National Qualifying Examination, by exposing them to different techniques of learning.

To improve student’s performance in Science and Mathematics Pan Nigeria

To awaken the creativity and idea generation of the students.

How to Register for CowbellPedia Academy

To for a full guide on how to confirm your participation for Cowbellpedia Academy - Click HERE

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