There are many kinds of materials for sand maker handling, some materials easily leave dirt in the crushing chamber of sand maker, especially the cement, concrete aggregate, ceramic raw materials, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, corundum, bauxite, etc., the dirt is one of the important reasons that affect the sand maker production efficiency and finished sand quality. Because the FTM sand maker ( to smash the materials into particles with smaller than 5 mm granularity, it will be difficult to achieve the target if there is much dirt in the sand maker crushing chamber.

The general solution is to flush the machine with a high-pressure faucet and then drain the water from the sand maker after the daily work. In terms of conditions permitting, it is ok, however there are places where there is no much water or no high-pressure faucet, then after a certain period of equipment operation time, the dirt in the crushing cavity of the sand maker can be removed by acid washing and alkali washing methods.

The acid washing is to pour about 20 percent concentration of the hydrochloric acid solution in the place of dirt, wait about 10 minutes, and wash it with cleaning solution. In the solution configuration, be careful to prepare the water first, pour the hydrochloric acid solution into the water, and keep stirring, instead of pouring water into the hydrochloric acid solution.

You can also use the alkaline washing method, that is, to prepare 20 kilograms water, plus 1.5 kilograms caustic soda and 0.5 kilograms kerosene, they are configured to the clean liquid, and inject them into the dirt, use the cleaning stick to keep cleaning, wait the lye dissolve the dirt, finally rinse off the lye with water.

Both acid washing and alkaline washing will have the certain corrosion to the metal of the sand maker equipment, so pay attention to the duration of solution soaking during the cleaning process.

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