Your office needs adequate security mechanisms. Your staff and clients need to feel safe, too. That’s why you need to carefully select the most appropriate access control system for your office security. But then, there are several options available, and this can become overwhelming. So, what should you do to make the right choice of an access control system for your office?

There are several factors you need to consider before deploying an access control system for your office. However, we have outlined the most important questions you need to ask yourself and answer to ensure that you’re implementing just the suitable type of access control for your office.

Which areas require access control?

One of the most important things to do before implementing is an access control is to identify which areas actually need one. Identifying these areas helps you determine the office access control system’s cost, complexity, and size. Definitely, some areas will be more porous, sensitive, or risk-prone than others, and hence they would need enhanced security mechanisms, such as two-factor authentication.

Who will be the system administrator?

This is another important question you should be able to answer before investing in an access control system for your office. As the owner, manager, or board executive, you must decide beforehand who administers control, manages the system, and determines the system’s operational protocols. Keep in mind that this responsibility also has to be in accordance with company policies on hiring and firing employees, and determining user access privileges.

Which authentication method is more suitable for you?

There are many authentication methods available today. Some of them include fobs, access cards, biometrics, keypads, and mobile access control. Your choice will mostly depend on the level of security you desire, your budget, office size, and staff strength.

Which features and add-ons do you need?

Access control systems have a wide range of functions and added features for your office security and safety. Some of them include: real-time notifications, access status reporting, as well as remote monitoring via mobile or computer. Some systems also allow integration with other security systems such as surveillance systems, burglar alarms, and fire alarms.

Therefore, you’ll have to select which features are most important and useful for your corporate needs and align with your business goals.

How scalable is the system?

When choosing an access control system for your office, you also have to consider your business’s future growth and expansion for the next 5-10 years. Any office access control system you’re considering must be adaptable and flexible enough to accommodate a reasonable increase in the size of your office and staff strength without hassle.

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