We at upnaija.com are always trying to solve one problem or the other. Today we shall try to solve the problem of anonymous internet surfing (browsing). This means that you will browse without your ip been detected to know your location. It also helps you in accessing "Restricted websites" without been blocked.

How do I browse the internet Anonymously? 

There are basically two ways through which this can be done: (1) Through a software calledULTRA SURF (2) Also, this can be done through proxy tunneling websites likeHIDEMYASS.COM  
The second option can be done by visiting the website and typing in the web address you want to visit and you will visit the site while your IP would be hidden by HIDEMYASS. The only issue with this, is that the HIDEMYASS address bar and page takes a proportion of the visited page to display. but withe ULTRA SURF, you just browse without any issues.

To browse with ULTRA SURF, Lets GO!

to view the complete tutorial, see here How to browse the internet anonymously

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