we the member of lionsheart occult we have make life easy for every that wish to be part of us we dont just give out only money but we make sure you are protected and powerful .

Apart from initiation into our brotherhood, we have some of our Great spiritualist(great witches)who specialises in handling some of your problems such as aura cleansing,jinx/hex removal,protection,promotion at your place of work,bullet prof,invisibility and disappearance, charm against witches and wizards,fruit of the womb etc.So far in your life, Do you make all the money you need? Do you have that one special person (notice I said special not perfect) that makes you happy? Are things going well in your home, your work, your school? No? Well, then maybe its time to use a little MAGIC BATH !

SPIRITUAL BATHING is a cleansing ritual where you consciously bathe your body, your mind and your spirit and prepare yourself to attract Love, Money, Happiness and reverse undesirable conditions. It’s easy, pleasant and YUMMY, YUMMY you can even share the experience with that special someone and make your relationship even stronger.

There are many products that can help you perform this bathing ritual. here’s some of our favorites:Click on the pictures below to see what this can for you and their prices.

SPIRITUAL BATH GELS - They contain the real Plant, root or botanical Inside. A Perfect Way to Spiritually Cleanse Your Body for Any Magical Ritual. Available in:

Patchouli Bath Gel - For Personal Attraction
Rue Bath Gel - To Keep Away Negative Energy
Road Opener Bath Gel - To Open Horizons and Expand Possibilities
Cinnamon Bath Gel - To attract money and fortune
Macaw Bird Bath Gel - Comes with the nest of the Macaw bird and it used for good luck and to attract love and fortune


Spiritual Herbal Bath - This is one of the most traditional ways to do spiritual washes. Herbs, according to their essence, are used for drawing money, finding love, removing jinxes, opening roads and a myriad of other magical uses. mportant Things about the World's Top Paranormal Abilities

No matter how often people deny it, the world abounds with mysteries that cannot be solved by a realistic paradigm. There are many ways to explain the mysteries in the world, yet getting attached to one explanation is not sufficient enough. One of the most famous topics in the realm of mysteries is the existence of paranormal abilities.

Paranormal abilities can be hard to comprehend and grasp, but below are some fine examples that have been parts of our culture for many years now.

Extra Sensory Perception: the famed Sixth Sense

All throughout life, human beings utilize their five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. These senses are essential for everyone to live normally and experience the beautiful things that the world can offer. For many psychics and paranormal experts across the world, there is a sixth sense called the Extra Sensory Perception. The immaterial world has vague explanations regarding ESP. Some people say that ESP is the act of knowing something through the mind. ESP tests are also famous and a large percentage of them yielded accurate results.

A common explanation of ESP is the fact that a large field of energy interconnects all beings with each other. Through this energy field, receptive people gather information they need even without the use of the cardinal senses. ESP is useful in many situations, especially those that involve danger and utmost secrecy.

Telepathy: voiceless communication

While direct communication is crucial for understanding among individuals, some things are better said in secret. According to many psychics, telepathy is a way of communication through the mind. Whenever a person delving in telepathy wants to send a message, he or she can do it by tapping into the great field of consciousness. By envisioning the receiver of the message, the sender can pitch images and visions. These images will then be received as fragments or messages in the subconscious mind. Telepathy can also affect a person’s decisions indirectly, since the sender of the message has the power to influence the mind.

Some psychics have claimed that they can also do telepathic runs with animals and plants. This allows them to understand the physique of the creatures much better.

Clairvoyance: greater perception

Clairvoyance and telepathy are almost the same, yet there is a fragile line that creates the difference between them. Telepathy is all about the direct or intentional transfer of information from one source to another. Clairvoyance is something deeper—something attuned to the immaterial and psychic world. Clairvoyance is also “greater perception” because this is the act of perceiving large-scale events before they even happen. The source of the information is often unknown, but psychics are convinced that it is coming from the field of consciousness in order to deliver an omen or message.

In the realistic world, clairvoyance is often represented as foresight or pattern recognition. Foresight, however, is different since it relies on physical and visual patterns that can affect major decision-making. Foresight has been useful in the field of business planning, corporate takeovers, economic power plays, political processes, and many more.

Astral projection: getting into the immaterial plane

Psychics and spiritualists believe that you can separate your spirit from your body. This controversial act is known as astral projection. Once your spirit is separated, you can travel vast distances and visit locations similarly to what you would do if you were awake. This is one of the most heavily scrutinized psychic abilities of all time since it defies the law of realism.

The act of separation from the body is also a very delicate process. Your mind must be clear and you must have full control over your dreams. According to many psychics, common lucid dreaming techniques can help you achieve full spiritual separation. However, you must keep your concentration high enough, or your spirit would not get back to the body. Some say that this can lead to instant death or coma situations.

Telekinesis: move them with your mind

This is another controversial psychic ability that has gathered the attention of thousands of skeptical people from many countries. Telekinesis or Psychokinesis is all about the art of moving objects with the power of the mind. In literature, Stephen King’s Carrie had this ability, and she used this to cause mayhem against her enemies. There is still no factual evidence regarding this ability, but psychics claim that it can be exercised through proper mind setting.

Conclusion – the essence of known psychic abilities

Psychic abilities, without a doubt, can help you achieve many things in life. With such powers, you could reach your goals easily and you could even win the support of many people. However, it is important that you conduct your own research about the nature of psychic abilities since the evidences about them are not strong enough. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in questioning the existence of psychic powers.

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters of the zaga the true owner of wealth, riches, fame, protection, lust and powers to you Lucifer i pledge my alligance. The God of this world, the shining light that no other light has subdue the only one who hold the entire world
Secret societies in Nigeria
There are a lot of fake secret societies up-springing every day, but you can know them by their ways of initiations and membership. The scammer always demand for registration fee and some sort of unnecessary fees before initiation. Don't give a penny or cent neither kobo to anyone who says he/she will initiate you to any fraternity, remember '' Money means nothing to those who prints it''. And a good Brotherhood must have a channel like Facebook, Twitter etc where aspiring members can send their review whether negative or positive. You can marry and raise children as a member of lionsheart brotherhood.
The secret behind the secret societies you have been denied of by the secret society Lord's, Gurus and supreme masters, they won't want you to know. The offering up of a sacrifices is to be regarded as a divine institution and sacrifices must not be human beings, it could be animal it didn't originate with man.God Himself appointed it as the mode in which acceptable worship was to be offered to Him by guilty man.The language and the idea of sacrifice pervade the whole Bible. Sacrifices were offered in antediluvian age.The Lord clothed Adam and Eve with the skins of animals which in all probability had been offered a sacrifice of the firstlings of his flock see Hebrew 11:4.
It is believed that man went astray from the garden of Eden so the only way God could reconcile man with Him was by the atonement of BLOOD.Because without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.This was why Jesus died on the cross.Now look at the synonyms and antonyms of the story of Abraham and the sacrifice of his son Isaac as a burnt offering to God. Find details in the book of Genesis 22:1--18.This too explains how God Himself allow sacrifice from time immemorial. You can be successful either by human sacrifice or with the sacrifices of animals like..goats,bull,fowl,bush baby etc both are acceptable and effective.When God finds out that Abraham was full of faith in Him a ram was provided in place of the human sacrifices this should tell you that you can't be famous here on earth without either by human sacrifices or animals sacrifices.You can sacrifice other animals like bush baby,black dog in place of human being and everything could be perfect with you in life and you can live long, none of your family member will lost his/her life.I know thousands of the dreaded secret societies /cults and fraternities out there won't be happy with what we are doing by exposing their secrets over the Internet. I have been attacked by several groups of these evil cults but with the help of Enki am still alive and i defeated them.We need to bring the masses out of the darkness and stop the fear of been killed once you joined a brotherhood. We wants our members to live long and testify the goodness of this great lionsheart brotherhood.Look at the decollation of John the Baptist, the Holy scriptures tells us that after St.John the baptist was beheaded the impious Herodias forbade the prophet's head to be buried together with his body.instead she desecrated the honorable head and buried it near her palace.This was yet another secret ritual which nobody can give an answer to it.if I may ask (see Matthew 11:1--19)John the Baptist prophecies about the coming of Jesus and even baptized Him can someone tell me what was the offense of John that Jesus refused to bring him out of prison. Read Matthew 14 and from the book of Mark 6:14--29 how shamefully john was beheaded and you will find out the secret meaning of his death from verses 23 of Mark 6m and in verse 30 of Mark 6.Jesus after hearing of John's death he did not say a word this also tells me of John exchanging his life for the coming of Jesus, this was yet another sacrifice fulfilled.This the occultic men won't let you know. Have you ever asked some of this pastors where they got their powers from? Offcourse they will claim God gave them but deep behind is the secret known by few.Come be part of this great brotherhood and say bye for poverty, sickness, untimely death, hatred, unemployment etc.You can connect with me on
We are a group of strong brothers and sisters who came from different walks of life for the purpose of alliviating the sufferings of our people

The lionsheart brotherhood are most probably the most well known semi secret society in the world today. But the legend of the Illuminati is internationally revered. The Skulls and Bones. Now who hasn't heard of them?

But is there truth in any of the secret society juga or not. Maybe yes, maybe not, but as they say where there is smoke, there is surely a fire.

These societies are whispered about in the hallways of prestiguous university campuses, in the board rooms of multimillion dollar corporate companies, on golf courses and flyfishing outings. But alas most of us don't know anything more than this. We know that joining such a society must be the ultimate, to become part of a community of mutual support, unlimited wealth, power, contacts to achieve almost anything you want. But this dream seems so far fetched, or is it? Aren't secret societies run by the ivy league to ensure promising futures for their children. Yes, definitely, but there are secret societies and then there are secret societies.

Recently Sri Guru Moska Rajav,my mentor has successfully tapped into this netherworld of symbols, paganism, probing the age old mystery of the holy grail and the real truth about Jesus.
As they say where there is smoke there must be a fire. So the mystery seems to go much deeper. Who is the Prioriry of Sion and the Knights Templar?

All I can say is that the masses and masses of people who have built their total existance here on earth based on what we have been taught in school and by the church have been grossly misinformed.

The truth has been protected by secret societies for centuries. This is the true reason for their existance. To remain hidden in order to avoid prosecution by the church. What then is the typical member of a secret society like?

Is it a satanist, wearing dark robes writing long letters on parchment by candlelight. Is it a top geeky scientist wearing a white jacket and contemplating weapons of mass destruction or is a normal person like you and me, hoping for something better, better for us and our families, a better and brighter future for our children.

For years the world economy has functioned on the premise: To get ahead you have to step on those around you. You are on your own, struggling to keep your head above water. This is what this gross misinformation with which we had been raised has led us to, to misery, uncaring and wanting.

Secret Societies protect their members, protect what is dear and precious to them through secrecy, because if the rest find out, these sacred things including the truth will also be destroyed.

Branded as satanic masterminds by those who realise the threat in the system of the secret society, members (normal people like you and I) have for years endured these "misbrandings", risen in power, gone to church, gone to work and all the while silently infiltrating, rising in the ranks, massing wealth and power and now use it to further the lives of their members.

This is the face of a true member of a secret society. A father or mother who has always known that there must be something "better". A parent longing to ensure a bright future for their children. Someone who is a free thinker and who realised long ago that we may actually probe into questions of religion and the way that everything is "put together" , that there is something seriously wrong with the way in which the world economy works today.

Are you starting to see where this is going. The secret societies are powerful, strong and wealthy. Why? Simply put, because they don't BS themselves or their fellow brothers or sisters. They climb in, do the work for the good of the group. They know what it is like to serve an Order, that serves them.

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