How to avoid plagiarism in political science undergraduate project research

You can actually avoid plagiarism in research if you want to; though it has become the order of the day in recent research where undergraduates copy word for word the intellectual work of scholars or even their senior colleagues without any attempt to obtain due permission or give credit to the original writer.

In already researched political science project topics you would have noticed that one can successfully adopt someone’s idea or paraphrase a viewpoint and even quote someone without committing the offence of intellectual theft.

Here is how to avoid plagiarism in political science project

Give credit to any borrowed idea

Whenever you adopt an idea while writing your political science project and indeed any other field of study, it is advised you quote the original source either before or after the statement. This must be done with the name of the author, the year of publication and possibly the page. In the case of quoting the original words of the author, you must quote in inverted commas; that’s an honest and obvious indication that this idea is not yours at all.

Have your project idea and plan on ground

Sometimes, political science project topic ideas come from previous research done in that field; some will be tempted to copy an old research topic and somehow try to use the same research materials; that’s plagiarism in the highest order. To escape this mess, I will advise you have your project topic on ground alongside your research plan; this will help curtail your level of dependency on other people’s idea in your research.

You can also use anti-plagiarism software on your research project.

After you are done writing a section of your political science undergraduate project or the whole of it, you can use anti-plagiarism software to screen your project of possible plagiarism attempts. Some of the software allows you to input a paragraph or two while some allows you to paste the entire project while the software clearly marks out the faulty spots.

Now that you know, you really do not have any excuse to copy word for word someone’s intellectual idea without giving credit to the original owner. Incase you have the privilege of getting research material that matches yours, you can still do your project without committing that crime, just the name of the author, year of publication and page number gives you a green card.   

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