how Recharge & Get Paid Create Wealth for Many Nigerians

This is how RAGP is making money for many. In fact, this post on how Recharge & Get Paid Create Wealth for You answers questions like; how does RAGP work? Is scheme legit? How can I make fast money online? How do I register and get my e-wallet? Yea! Here is how you get the registration form. Indeed, this is how RAGP Create Wealth for You.

But then, get to know that, RECHARGE AND GET PAID (RAGP) is a 100% Nigerian owned telecom company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC Number: 1279919). RAGP is not a Ponzi scheme. But a telecom marketing business scheme that makes you a distributor for DSTV, GoTiv, Electricity companies, Telecom companies etc. In fact, anything marketing online. You’ll be given marketing platforms for these. One particular feature is that you get your commission for buying and for selling. No other marketing scheme does this. In addition, you get commission from your referrals as your underlines register. RAGP is licensed by Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to carry on telecom-related businesses


Currently, RAGP is a platform that create millionaires among Nigerian populace. As a matter of fact, it gives you the license (Right) to own and operate your own Virtual Top Up (VTU) business in the Telecoms Sector with Airtime, Data & Utility Bill Payments right from anywhere you stand at a time. RAGP is the simplest, easiest & fastest way to achieving good wealth. My dear, it helps you set up a Plan B financially and earn residual income seamlessly. The fact is that you may not need an office for it. You can do it while working. In fact, you working and owing an office/shop promotes it more.

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