The National Assembly election, which was to take place yesterday could not take place due to improper logistics and is has thus been postponed to Monday. Nigerians and several international observers are asking the question - HOW POSSIBLE IS MONDAY ELECTION?


Well, the election is very much possible. Even if they had wanted it to be done the following day, I strongly still believe that that would also have been possible.


You see, for every plan there has to be a contingency plan. This contingency plan is used when the main one fails. So, if INEC is what is expected her to be, then she must have a contingency plan from the onset. And if this is available, then Monday election is very much possible.


I think that what INEC need are Data Base Administrators and not Professors.

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Philip,don't mind them they are trying to rig election because all the available ballot how sure is save and the time they postpone it to is too short for Jega to do all the arrangement again he just that deceive nigerians ,also nigerian surpose to challenge for the failure.


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