'How police caught my lover and I in the act at a sport complex'

It happened I came home from school due to break that evening and my people were at home.

Getting Caught In the Act By Your Teenager (Yes, That Act)

My babe will be travelling the next day and Konji won't let me hold on till another break, there was little or no time and finance to start making arrangements for a better/comfortable place.

So, I told her we should make use of the sport complex since it will be lonely by that time (around 8pm). As I was about to get serious with business, I saw a light ray shining towards us, the next thing I heard was Nigeria Police Force (NPF) popular question "who be that?"... I couldn't run because of the babe, if not I would have made use of the next available exist (fence).

That was how I and my ex were arrested, and I was forced to call my dad, he met us at the station and processed our bail, but the shame no be here o.

That actually kick started my self control habit.

What about you?
Do you have messier situation? If yes, share it and let's laugh together.

Credit: Baba Ibo

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