Every other passing year in Nigeria, Fresh Graduates are regularly graduating from the various tertiary institutions spread across the country ranging from universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. But
even as the joy of graduation happiness fills their faces on their day, the
struggle to make it in life, the pain and hardship to achieve their dream
career in this country beckons. That is the stress of getting the opportunity
they need to pin point them to the great career they so dream about. The chance
they need atimes in this country is somewhat elusive to attain, except for
special brains or those that “know their way”.

            The reason I have said the afore mention is for fresh Graduates and Job seekers in this country to know the struggle that awaits them in their quest to get that dream
career opportunity (not a mere job/vacancy) they so much long for.

            In Nigeria, the unemployment rate is so alarmingly that there are very few job opportunities available to go round the vast amount of Job seekers spread
across the whole country, and this ugly trend is going geometric yearly even as
big time companies and employers of labour are leaving the country for
neighbouring countries like Benin, Ghana e.t.c. over what they say are
difficult economic working conditions in the country ranging from inadequate
power supply, multiple taxations, insecurity, poor transportation network and
many more reasons. Other unemployment problems arise from employers alleging
that most Job seekers in the country are unemployable, lacking basic technical
skills requisite for the job.

            These are enough setbacks for Graduates in the country to be discouraged and frustrated in their search for a job, but these things should not deter them but only make
them the more relenting in their quest to clinch a good job, this is the reason
why they have to devise strategic means and avenues that would aid them to get
a job in the midst of very few jobs with numerous job seekers like themselves.

            Some of the ways on how fresh Graduates and Job seekers in Nigeria can get Jobs and career opportunities include:


1.                  Getting latest vacancies information from friends, relations and fellow job seekers.

2.                  Reading newspapers and magazines for recent job vacancies advertisement as most companies and employers advertise their
vacancies there.

3.                  Partnering or registering with reputable recruitment agencies.

4.                  Searching the internet for latest Nigerian Jobs vacancies opportunities.

5.                  Submitting CVs and resumes at appropriate and relevant places

6.                  Looking out for job vacancies advert posters along the streets

7.                  Subscribing to job vacancies SMS or email alerts.

8.                  Radios and TVs are also relevant avenues to getting a Job vacancy

9.                  and many more ways that you may also discover


It is important that job seekers secure that dream job they have been longing for and on time too as a great career would definitely afford them that which they want to get and achieve in life. Any of the above
mentioned ways can easily get them that dream job, God willing.


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