The fundamental reason for book club is to enhance study habits among students of the same age bracket, same intellectual discipline and probably have similar project topics or research project to work on. This kind of social group motivates members to study and discuss books together and share their understanding about a subject matter. But I’m quite skeptical about the survival this social group these days; like how much value do people place on book clubs especially since technology has taken over.

Reading , as some would think, is fundamentally a  private experience and as such any other form of study experience should be a mere complement and nothing more; the uncertainty about getting what is assumed ‘best’ from reading has also powered the doubt about the potency of book clubs. With these assumptions, book clubs are slowly withdrawing its presence among us nowadays.

Personally, I’ve figured out few reasons study book clubs or stud groups don’t last. One is that some group members come back to the meeting without reading the book and getting a grasp. Secondly, not everyone has the same level of intelligence quotient; while some have the ability to grasp quickly enough, some may still need a little more explanation to get full grasp. This could make the study a little draggy for the smart ones. Thirdly, people join book clubs for different reasons and when such motive is not met, the number begins to drop slowly.

That was on a lighter not. There are also cool things one would enjoy as a member of book club; you’ve got a whole lot company to enjoy with boys and girls around. Moreover, you are challenged to study ahead atleast to have something to say during the group discussion. The social habit that book clubs incite is very credible; as much as it has the potency to expose members to some social vices, it can aswell promote team spirit and propagate corporative and collaborative learning.   

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