How much opportunity do students in Nigeria have to study in different ways?

Think about a Nigeria where schools are built to meet the career need of students, not the conventional everyday professions. Think about a school system where learning facilities are selectively deployed to permit certain skill learning and project based experiences rather than hours of class room sermons, routine assignment submission and seasonal examinations. Do our schools really allow students to enhance their talents or do they always have to attend extra lessons after school to acquire such skills and then expect them to present undergraduate projects at the end of their school year.

Megan Power, a learning experience designer wrote and I quote “So much of what you hear about school choice has to do with funding, accountability and public versus private schools. These are all important conversations on the topic of school choice and should not be ignored. I think it is also important to highlight the other types of school choice that exist. School choice provides students with opportunity to learn in different ways. As a society, we shouldn’t be afraid to harness our innovation spirit to provide a better education for today’s students.”

So what does that extract really imply? It simply points to a learning system where innovation is embedded in the students learning curriculum. In this case, students are not only exposed to reading and writing, they are also exposed to practical innovation series from the least education grades.

This study method is very much applicable as students are prepared to build the society through their experience, collaboration and innovation. Through research, I came to discover that western schools who have adopted this effective learning technique take to visiting business establishments during tours. This is how it works;

Students are made to do a proposal of where they would love to go for the next tour, they do the market research and draft a budget and finally vote whose proposal is to be taken. So from a very young age, students are taught to become opinion leaders, thinkers, innovators, planners and everything else they need to be at once.

For Nigeria and for all I care, many of our big schools are built to adopt old and often conventional learning methods. There is public and private schools but that is just an instrument of class distinction. This is simply because private schools are more promising and seem to offer better opportunities than the public schools of today. However this gap can be bridged if we adopt to change the entire study methods and focus on what students need and what schools offer to teach. Maybe, atleast public schools will have piece of the pie, no matter how little.  

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