You can’t possibly go through life in campus without being caught; caught by naivety, mixed with good and bad experiences plus the burden to pass out, fulfilling every expectation thrown at you the very day you got in. Life certainly looks different when you look at it from inside campus taking a first look at relationships, connections, lifestyle, politics, believes, residence and learning.

My experience on campus pictures life a bit simple but from the academic point of view, it’s quite complicated. The aspect of understanding different lecturers, their teaching techniques and their pattern of setting examination questions is a sundry process to adapt; funny enough, lots of students fail even after they’ve mastered this process; isn’t it complicated enough? Doing term papers, assignments, drafting seminar topics and writing them, drafting project topics, approving them and doing the actual project research is breath taking; but that’s just a tip of the ice berg in the tale of what campus life is like. Let’s take a slide through various aspects of campus experiences.


Campus is an experience center that shakes up your social life and sometimes shapes it. Several semester parties, birthday galore, events, shows and concerts attract young people in campus, presenting the good, the bad and the awkward. Truth is, it’s challenging to overcome ill social lifestyle on campus but it’s easy if you mean it.

Collaborative lifestyle 

You can’t possibly avoid collaboration and group activities while in campus. If you reside in the hostel, you’ll understand better, class projects, meetings and several other activities requires that you do things with one or two or atleast ask questions. The principle of “On your Own” doesn’t really apply in campus; never have.

It is usually through collaborative activities that students are shaped to be vibrant in thought, in their dress sense, speech, approach towards issues and skill learning. Regretful to add however that while some get smart over positive things, some seize smart opportunities for the devil himself.


Honestly, campus is an experience center that randomly indulges you to make a support group for yourself; you may call it connection ‘cause that’s what it is. Some connections you establish on campus sometimes link you up somewhere in the future but ends on campus for others.


Quite a number of students leave off-campus while a good number stay in the hostels. Those in the hostel enjoy a lot of advantages like steady electricity, water supply, viewing centers, short walk to school. But this life seems to end within the ambit of the campus because somewhere out there, you pay bills for them. Accommodation on campus spoils the female inmates so much that they loose their cooking skills at some point.

Life on campus has a lot to teach and take away from you; it could take the good and give you the bad; it could aswell take naivety and gives you understanding. There are some aspects of campus life issues that you can’t just avoid; you just need to face it if you must overcome it.

However, you can’t get to see life on campus if you do not take a view from the inside; even if you are told about it, you won’t tell the story better if you are not part of the story.  

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